My Monday through Thursday consisted of the usual. School is definitely picking up pace and this week I have my first major assignment due, followed by another big assignment the next week, and my first round of papers (to grade) were turned in on Thursday. Whew!

Most of my classes take place in one of two rooms and the rooms in the building are weirdly shaped and contain remnants of decades of past theatre students. I find the following picture particularly amusing. Someone felt the need to write “Brick” on the brick walls. Thanks, Captain Obvious.


On Friday I took care of several adult errands that I’d been putting off for a while. First up was filing for my homestead exemption — done! If I’m lucky it’ll lower my taxes and my monthly payments. I’m not counting on it, but it’d be a nice surprise!

Next up, I went to the bank and closed my accounts. One of the tellers who I originally worked with was still there! It made me a bit sad because she was desperate to retire when I was there, which was over four years ago, and that clearly hasn’t happened yet.


Being at the bank was also a good reminder to always keep perspective when life gets tough. I am so happy to be where I am and nothing is a better reminder to appreciate life then to look at where you used to be and know that you can never be as miserable now as you were then.

Friday also meant that it was time to tackle my reading stack for the next week. I [almost] finished my Monday reading assignments on Friday.


As I was leaving Starbucks, I saw this bizarre sight. That’s not something that you see everyday.


On Saturday I took a trip to the Tallahassee Museum, which is actually quite the misnomer. There are no paintings or traditional exhibits. Instead, the “museum” is really a combination wildlife preserve, farm, and a collection of historical buildings.


They also had this neat “yard” art display through out the property. The dinosaurs were made out of old car parts. It was very cool.




Check out the wild bobcat! It looked just like the Cheeto! It was also interesting that the behavior and mannerisms of the wild cats were nearly identical to Charlie’s usual behaviors.



This morning I went to the brand new independent coffee shop that just opened up next to the theatre building. I’m definitely a fan. They have a full menu of food and coffee and lots of seating! I spy a new favorite hang out spot!


Today concluded with a rockin’ 8 mile run! While I know I am woefully ill-prepared to run the half marathon in a few weeks, the fact that I was able to complete the 8 miles and felt AWESOME during the run is a promising thought. I mixed in lots of walk breaks and I think with a flat terrain and more walking, I’ll be able to [slowly] complete the 13.1 miles on February 12th!

And now we’ve come full circle. It’s nearly Monday once again! Back to the grind.


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