When life gets crazy, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day crises and lose track of the bigger picture. We forget to acknowledge everything that we have, instead of lamenting what we don’t. We forget to tell the people in our lives that we appreciate and love them on a regular basis. We forget that life can change in the blink of an eye and we should cherish every moment.

This weekend my friends and I experienced a scary moment that reminded me how precious life is and how grateful I am for my friends, family, and the opportunities I’m afforded.


A while back a group of my friends expressed an interest in going to a home baseball game. We’ve all been really busy and because we’re in different programs our schedules don’t always align. We finally decided to go a game after spring break and this Sunday’s game seemed like the perfect choice.

The day was gorgeous! It seemed like perfect baseball weather. Everyone met for lunch the game and after we finished, we made plans to caravan to the baseball stadium. Also, being the silly people that we are, we even put our hands into a circle and called “BREAK” before departing.

Literally minutes later, as I was driving to the stadium I passed this horrible accident. One car was on the sidewalk and another was scratched up and completely flipped onto it’s roof. The traffic slowed down as people rubbernecked at the upside down car. During my own rubbernecking moment, I realized that the car’s plate and car looked familiar. After a quick phone call to my friend who was following behind me, we both confirmed each others fears that it was most likely our friend, even though neither of us were 100% sure. Since the stadium was just a minute away, we continued driving to the stadium, where we could gather the other members of our group and figure out what to do.

After we’d parked, I received a call from one of the other girls who confirmed that indeed the car belonged to our friend. We were told that she only had a few cuts and scrapes, but was otherwise completely fine. We were told there was nothing that we could do to help, so we should just go on to the game.

In the end, everyone made it to the game as planned.


So, despite the super-scary turn of events, we all still had a good afternoon together, just with the extra reminder to appreciate every moment.

Prior to the game, the rest of my weekend revolved around grading papers.


Normally I’d complain, but going along with a similar vein of this post, I’ll say that I’m thankful I was able to sit outside on my porch (and at random coffee shops) while I did most of my grading.

Also, you’ll notice that my weekend of grading means that I did not participate in any St. Patrick’s day shenanigans.


This town’s a bit crazy when it comes to the holiday. All the bars opened at 6am, and obviously if the bars open at 6am, that’s a good enough reason for the undergrads to get out of bed on a Saturday morning. One of my weekend grading locations gave me a prime vantage point to observe lots of drunk behavior. I also heard several ridiculous stories from other grad students who were out and about this weekend, including a greek tragedy-esque scene that play out in front of the theatre building and involved a lack of shoes, mascara running down the face, and lots of screaming between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

I feel like after witnessing the insanity that was St. Patrick’s day and then the freak car accident today, my life lesson for this weekend is not to “sweat the small stuff.” As my next two weeks get intense, I’m going to focus on not getting too stressed out and instead focus on the big picture.

So, I challenge you this week: go out and tell someone who is important to you that you love them or appreciate them, take pleasure in the day-to-day parts of life, be thankful for what you have, not what you don’t have, and always wear your seatbelt!

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  1. I’m glad everyone’s alright. That sounds like a very jarring experience, and you’re totally right. We do need to stop and be grateful and realize some of the stuff we obbsess over isn’t important sometimes.
    And people watching on Saint Pat’s is awesome. : )

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