Seeing as how it’s been a month between posts, clearly I’ve been slacking on my blogging routine. As a result, I’ve decided to combine my “Snapshots of Summer” project with my goal of blogging more consistently by microblogging.

This will be the fourth year of my “Snapshots of Summer” project, where I take a picture a day and documenting my summer activities. Although, I traditionally post the pictures in an album on Facebook (and when I get around to it I sometimes make them into a picture book), I’m going to start posting them on the blog with a short caption. When I feel inclined I may expand them into detailed posts, but for now something will be better than nothing.

So for today’s snapshots!

Tonight my group of friends went to play trivia, as per our usual Monday night routine, except tonight we said goodbye to two of our friends. This pair will be leaving Tallahassee to continue their research at two different universities.


In addition to trivia, we played Bingo and ALMOST won blackout. We were close, but no cigar.


The rest of my day, prior to trivia and bingo, was spent camped out at a local coffee shop. I had high hopes of finishing my summer syllabus AND working on research AND doing some fun reading, but I only managed to work on the syllabus. It looks like tomorrow will be spent doing more of the same.


And that’s all the news from Lake Wobegon.

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