… Like my parents, who mailed my all my binders full of plays and papers, as well as a box of clothes and a box of miscellaneous stuff to complete my apartment. I now have curtains for my bedroom and office, just need curtains for the living room. Charlie also says thank you for sending his scratching post. He definitely prefers scratching vertically, not horizontally.


Also, on the AWESOME list is kc. She sent me a totally sweet FSU decal, to hopefully attract the attention of FSU boy and to help compensate for the loss of my FSU license plate. 🙂


This made my Saturday!

I pretty much spent my weekend doing homework. Friday night, read and organized my apartment. Saturday, I got my WA drivers license and read all afternoon. Then today, I cleaned my apartment, did laundry, grocery shopped for the week, finished reading and made a seating chart for 220 people. Talk about fun, man, oh man.

I see a trend developing with grad school — I will be reading in every free moment I have, for the rest of my academic career. Although, I do think I figured out my strategy for success. I’m underlining and taking notes in the margins of the readings, to help me remember the questions I have for in-class discussions and I make funny comments to amuse myself. Ha. I actually enjoy the reading assignments, they’re interesting and provoke lots of questions. I’m looking forward to classes tomorrow, because I love class discussions. It’s neat that all my classes seem to bleed into each other. It’s less like having four separate classes, and more like one giant class spread over multiple sessions. For instance, a question I posed from one of my readings for research methods, I answered myself when I did the reading for history.

Anyway, one person described grad school as finals week, every week. I need to be constantly working ahead, if I want to stay afloat. None of the dreaded P-word… (shh! procrastination!) I have to give up my old ways. If I can work diligently on Tuesday, there’s a nature hike I want to go to, but Mondays I’m on campus all day and then Wednesday is another rough day, which leaves Tuesday as the only time to do reading. I hope I can get things done in time for the hike.


Okay. Time to unwind and get some sleep before my very very long monday. Yahoo.

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