Yesterday I tried a new yoga class — flow + meditation. It turned out to be exactly what I needed and the perfect way to wrap up my day.


When I got into the class the instructor told us that she’d been thinking about the idea of fall. She talked about how fall or falling is about giving in, letting go, and trusting.


Falling also means accepting vulnerability and trusting in others.

I love that idea and think it’s very applicable to #Project29. In the next 10 months I’m working on pushing myself, accepting any failures or stumbles, and most importantly trusting in myself and my own capabilities. It’s also a new start in many ways. It’s my way of changing my perspective and outlook on life and myself.

Anyway, after doing 45 minutes of pretty vigorous flow (boy my triceps and core are sore today!) we transitioned to 30 minutes of guided meditation and self-reflection. Numbers 5 and 6 of #Project29 focus on developing a regular practice of yoga and meditation, so this really is the perfect class for me. I think having someone guide me through the meditation will help a lot in the beginning. Also, the instructor encouraged people to bring note pads, journals, or sketch books and take the last 15 minutes of the class for reflection. In the future I want to bring a journal of some sort to write and reflect on her prompt during that time.


But even without the yoga class, the day felt like the perfect fall day. Everything fell into sync and I accomplished tons in all facets of my life. So overall, it was a really great day. I ended up taking Sirius on a short walk in both the morning and afternoon. I also read a chapter of comp reading as I walked on the treadmill, which felt like a double accomplishment. I managed to squeeze in my Weight Watchers meeting before office hours and then some hammock+reading time in the afternoon. A perfect fall day.

Question: what does fall mean to you?

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