You know the quickest way to kill a conversation? Tell someone you’re getting your masters in Theatre Studies.

I went to fitness yoga on Tuesday, thinking that it’d be good to clear my head and get out of the house. Although, it only stressed me out more, since I ended up losing three hours of reading time. Anyway, somehow in a class of about 40 people, I chose the part of the room where all the guys also decided to set up their mats. So, a couple of the guys were commenting on how all the men in the room were grouped together and it would probably end up the smelly corner, and I commented “lucky me.” It led to my talking to the guy next to me for a minute and here’s how the conversation went:

*we’d been talking about yoga and other stuff*

guy: so why’d you move to washington?
me: to go to school here.
guy: undergrad? what’s your major?
me: no, i’m actually getting my MA in theatre studies.
guy: *blank stare*

end of conversation.

Seriously. You tell people that you’re interested in theatre studies and they don’t get it, they don’t care and they drop the conversation. It’s actually quite funny. It’s okay, because I GET it. I CARE and I find it interesting.

It’s technically the end of week two of classes. I still love it. I can’t quite pinpoint *what* I love, which irritates me, but the classes and discussions are awesome. I wish we had longer class time. For instance, our history class is an hour and twenty minutes, but we talked with our instructor for an hour after class. We continued the discussion, talked about what we want from the class and program and she eased our fears of being behind and/or inadequate. She is already a favorite of mine. She’s very down to earth and realistic about class and theatre. I love it.

This week (and next week) I have been desperately trying to find my rhythm. Now that I know the work load of grad school, I need to find a strategy to keep from becoming overwhelmed. Mondays are super rough. I’m on campus from 8:30am-10:00pm, when I get home I’m so tired and hungry, that reading just isn’t a reality. Tuesdays are catch-up day, but I can’t do four classes worth of assignments, so I really need to be constantly working ahead. Then it’s back to long Wednesdays, not quite as long as Monday, but still tiring. I think my strategy will be spending Thursday/Friday on Mondays work, then Saturday/Sunday on Wednesdays assignments.

The weather drastically changed this week. It’s been highs of the 50s and 60s. Is it too soon for me to be seriously cold? How am I going to manage actual cold? Oh my. I need to find time to go to Yakima and I need to go before there’s snow on the pass. Apparently the first snow of the season already fell this week. I also need to decide if I went to get snow tires or tire chains… I’m leaning towards chains, since they’re cheaper and I guess required for driving I-90 back to Seattle. I’m not planning on driving outside of Ellensburg in the snow, but you never know.

So much to write about…

One of my fellow grad students is taking his children’s theatre class to see a show at the Seattle Children’s Theatre and offered to let any of us tag along if we’re interested. I’m definitely going to go!


I also found out that my winter break will actually be a break. We won’t have lessons to plan, materials to prepare or books to read for our own classes. That’s exciting to hear. I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends and family. There are things I miss about Florida (the beach, dunkin’ donuts, I’m sure I’ll miss warm weather by december) and lots of people that I miss… but I’m not homesick and I’m thankful for that. It’d be much harder to focus on school if I were homesick all the time.

Oh! This week I volunteered to be a student representative on the Graduate Council. I’m really happy about this opportunity. It’ll be great for my resume, I’ll get an inside look at how the graduate department functions and hopefully have a say for my own theatre department and fellow grad students. My first meeting is next week.

I truly believe that the two years I spent out of school have helped me improve as a student dramatically. I needed the break and I needed to miss school. Now, I’m ready to be back and ready to be the student I know I am. Sometimes I wonder, who is that person? I’m talking out in class, offering ideas, suggestions and leading discussions. I’m asking questions. I’m volunteering for committees. I’m putting myself out there… and most importantly working really really hard to not procrastinate and instead, work ahead. I’m going to succeed with flying colors in grad school and I’ll get into whatever PhD program meets my needs.

I’m going to try and blog a bit more consistently, but like I said, the beginning of the week is rough.

Happy [almost] Friday!

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  1. I know what you mean about the conversation killer; even in undergrad my majors were french and classics and the most common question/reaction I got was, “Well what are you going to do with that?”It’s almost the same thing with art history.

    AND I agree that the two years off for me definitely have made me a better student; in order to get what I want I have to kick ass and after two years of making sure THIS is what I want I can’t let anything hold me back you know?

    PS, I’m kind of jealous of your cold weather. I love cold.

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