Step one: Overcome fear of going to the pool.
Step two: Actually get in the pool.
Step three: Become a freestylin’ baller in the pool!


Yesterday I graduated from my adult beginner swim lessons! The class was super basic (and I don’t mean that in the basic bitch sort of way). For instance, there were some people who’d never been in the pool before. I’m sure it was way below my level, but it was also nice to start from scratch. I got to review all the basics. We covered kick board, freestyle, breast stroke, back stroke, and tonight we learned flip turns! The two instructors both commented that I’d made a lot of improvement on my form and I’ve learned everything that I could. I’m pretty sure if this was the YMCA I would have earned the flying fish patch.


Although getting myself to the pool in the first place seemed like a huge hurdle, the challenge now becomes establishing a regular swimming routine. I need to commit myself to going at least two-three times a week. I actually really enjoy the workout and I find it very challenging in a satisfying sort of way. My entire body ends up exhausted and at the end of the workout I really feel like I pushed myself. My endurance has already improved a lot since I started. When I first started the lessons I was startled by the fact that I was so winded after just one lap, but now I am less winded and can do more laps before I need to take a break.

Also, I’ve discovered that swimming turns out to be a great workout for weight loss and toning muscles, both things my fitness routine desperately needs!

I decided that I’m going to reward myself with a new swimsuit if I swim two days a week for a month. There’s rumors that doing something for a month establishes it as a habit, so I figure if I can swim twice a week for a month it’ll become a habit. And then I’ll let myself get a new swimsuit!


At this point, I’d say that I’m halfway to establishing my goal of learning how to swim and making swimming a part of my fitness routine. So what now?


My next goal: I want to be able to do freestyle non-stop for 200 yards while incorporating the flip turn.

Right now that seems like a huge challenge, but I’m hoping in a few weeks or months it will be easy-peasy.

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