It’s November and I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do about #29 on my list. I’ve been toying with two different ideas — joining a kickball team or getting my nosed pierced.

The idea of getting my nose pierced is something I’ve thought about and vaguely wanted to do for years now. In the past I’ve joked that I’d go wild when I was old and dye my hair crazy colors and pierce my nose. I might have thrown getting a tattoo in there, but I can’t remember. Anyway, as I approach 30 I realize that I’ve already gotten a tattoo, I’ve started dying my hair purple, and so why not just pierce my nose?


[Demi Lovato with a pierced nose]

My hesitation comes from worrying about what other people might think, which I know is ridiculous. I’m not even sure I can articulate it, but I’m afraid that other people might see me differently or judge me based on a nose piercing. I also tend to think that other people (and perhaps myself included) view me as being more reserved and conservative than I really am. I think my outer appearance and how I present myself to people is out-of-sync with who I really am. As I write out this post I realize that if I want to pierce my nose then I should do it. Why would I stop myself from doing something that I want just because I’m afraid of what others might think? Like I said in my accordion post, part of #Project29 is all about bettering myself and embracing the idea of doing what I want to do and not worrying about the judgment of others.

Honestly would it matter if I pierced my nose? Probably not. It’d be a little stud in my nose, not something big or flashy. It’s a piercing so if I changed my mind and regretted the decision I could always take it out and let it heal up. And I’m in a field where fun colored hair, tattoos, and piercings really aren’t a big deal.

I was talking to a woman the other day who’s in a field where she needs to look business-professional and I noticed her nose was pierced. We got to talking and apparently her husband and son called her bluff on wanting to get her nosed pierced by getting her a gift certificate to a piercing place in town. It turns out that she did it back in January and she doesn’t regret it at all. She’s also probably 10-15 years older than me, so it’s not like there’s an age limit on these sorts of things. As we wrapped up our conversation she gave me the name of a piercing place in town that is staffed by RNs and she assured me they were hygienic and responsible.

So I think I’m going to hesitantly write down piercing my nose for #29 on the list.

Now to think about the other contender for #29, joining a kickball team.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 9.37.24 PM

There’s an adult social kickball league in town and I’ve had several friends play on it. They’ve had nothing but good things to say. I actually debated joining in the past fall and asked a friend if I should and he said that without a doubt yes I should join! Well with comps and all, I missed the window to sign up.

But now that I have #Project29 on the brain, I definitely think I should sign up. I’ve never been on any sort of organized sports team and just the idea of playing in a team sport sounds terrifying, so obviously I need to do it. I’ve also heard that it’s a great way to meet young professionals and people outside of my usual grad school circles. A step outside my comfort zone AND the chance to meet new people — sign me up!

Since I’m [tentatively] adding piercing my nose to the list as #29, I think I want to scratch one of my previous items off the list. The most likely item to go is #25 – Watch 29 of the AFI’s greatest american movies of all time. While I still want to watch those movies, joining a kickball team will be more of a person challenge with a potentially much greater reward.

Hooray! I’m pretty sure the list is now complete.

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