This afternoon I ended up in this super cranky mood. It came out of nowhere, although I suspect it had to do with my frustration over the amount of school work I have. Anyway, I decided it was finally time to kick my butt into gear. I went to the gym and ran! I haven’t run in months, but it felt SO GOOD! My little heart loved the change, too. I ran evenly, at a steady pace with good form for 30 minutes and then walked for another 5 to cool down. Afterwards I felt so much better mentally and physically. Not that I didn’t realize this before, but it’s incredibly important for me to include exercise into my daily routine, even if I’m buried under massive amounts of reading… for my own sanity. Also, because the life of a theatre studies grad student means lots of time spent sitting reading or writing, I need to get my blood flowing every now and again.

Post-gym I headed over to safeway and picked up ingredients for tex-mex soup. Dinner was delicious! I’ll have leftovers for days thought, but it’s all good.

Last night I actually escaped my apartment and saw Fame with several of my other grad students. The movie was actually better than I expected. Totally teen movie and one of the key plot points bothered me, because it seemed unrealistic, but other than that, it was great. Plus, I *love* dance movies. It was awesome to get out and do something non-school related. I have to admit, I’m going a bit stir-crazy. I need to learn coping mechanisms — immediately.

After the movie, I resumed life as a grad student and did more research for my assignment due Monday and entered grades for one of my TA classes. Such fun!

Today I worked most of the day, but I did go to starbucks to read. I figured it’d be fun to people watch/look for cute boys and get out of the house to accomplish work. When I was at the register, the girl asked if it was still cold outside, to which I told her, it actually felt nice, compared to the past few days. The conversation ended up me saying that I was from Florida and this girl used to live in Jacksonville, went to UNF and worked at Freebird Cafe. How weird is that!!! I found it amusing. 🙂

Well, back to work.

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