Cross #29 off the list! A couple friends and I went on an afternoon adventure and got ourselves pierced!

After class and teaching we ventured to Bink’s.


Like I mentioned before, my only hesitation was whether or not I could go swimming after I got the piercing. I asked Bink and he said that as long as it was clean or chlorinated water I could go swimming right away and I wouldn’t need to bandage the piercing. So sign me up!

I picked out my jewelry, signed my consent form, and prepared myself!

before… drumroll please!


and after!


The whole experience was quick and mostly painless, although between the piercing and the tattoo I preferred the tattoo.

Anyway, I’m glad I went through with it. I love it! When it came to the jewelry I ended up going with the basic clear gemstone, but I sort of wish I’d gone for the purple gemstone. The fun part is that I can switch it up if I want to, so maybe I’ll do that the line. Bink also asked if I wanted to wear a ring at any point and since I’m not sure, he placed the piercing in a spot that would allow me to switch to a ring down the line.

So that was my fun afternoon adventure with friends!


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