Is it me or does it feel really hard to completely disconnect from technology?

A wild and crazy idea hit me the other day. Here I am sitting in a cabin in the woods where I’m supposed to be reading for comps and instead I’m mindlessly playing candy crush and getting distracted on Facebook, so why don’t I spend a day— just one day—sans technology and disconnected from the world?


The idea seemed easy enough at first, but now I’m having second thoughts. I realized how reliant I am on technology — my phone, iPad, laptop and TV provide endless amounts of entertainment, enrichment, and more importantly, they often help me do my work. A day with no technology would mean no music to listen to while I’m reading, no computer where I can write comp questions, no yoga videos on youtube, and no iPad to read PDFs or plays.

I originally came up with this idea on Friday and wanted to do it on Sunday, since I planned on watching the FSU vs UF game this afternoon. [Woo! The Noles won! Hooray for another regular season where we’re undefeated.]


But then as today wore on, I started to talk myself out of the plan. I think the fact that I’m trying to talk myself out of this idea seems like even more of a reason to go ahead with it. I mean, why not do it? It’s just ONE day. I can read some of the books in the big bag that I brought. I have a journal and a bunch of fun pens, so I can write anything I need to by hand. I also brought exams to grade and they’re paper, so no technology necessary.


I guess this will be a good way to find out how addicted I really am to technology. After my experiment, I should probably figure out some ways to disconnect more frequently but on a less drastic level.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a ridiculously productive day of work. So here goes nothing!

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