Several of my theatre classes take place in a room called the puppet lab. One of Central’s retired professors was a puppeteer (btw, that word looks so strange, but it’s spelled right!) and even had connections with Jim Henson. I guess he used to teach workshops on puppet construction, etc. and still does every so often. Anyway, we get to learn in this really neat room. Well, on Wednesday we were spending time in there in between classes and I saw this sign:


Too funny, in my opinion. 🙂

* * *

This is also becoming a real concern on campus. Not good. I can’t imagine missing a whole week of grad school and not failing that quarter, which scares me so much. I need to stay as healthy as possible.


* * *

I love Jason Mraz. I’ve been listening to his live album: Tonight, Not Again. It’s brilliant. He’s incredible live, which you can’t say about a lot of popular artists. If you haven’t heard Tonight, Not Again or don’t have it… let me know. Everyone should experience it. 😉


* * *

If you’ve never heard an episode of This American Life. Do yourself a favor and go listen to this episode, Act V, immediately. Seriously, one of the best ever. My amazing dad made an mp3 out of the live stream so I could listen as I ran. I didn’t want to stop running. I wanted to run the entire program, which would have meant an hour of continuous running and I didn’t have the time to do that. Also, I think my body would have hated me afterwards. Anyway, it’s about a group of prisoners that perform Hamlet. I can’t do the story justice, so go look at the summary or better yet, listen to the actual story.

* * *

Funny police blotter stories from Kittitas county.

– A vehicle was reportedly covered in Crisco in a parking lot on Central Washington University’s campus.

– Cattle were reportedly in the roadway on Red Bridge Road.

– A man was reportedly setting up a table and handing out anti-President Barack Obama items on Chestnut Street.

Thirty horses reportedly ran out into the roadway on Cove Lane.

* * *

And a picture of Charlie in his most annoying hiding place.


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  1. Great photo of my buddy Charlie! He looks very happy. Also I like the police blotter stories. Better then COPS.

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