The month of January was brought to you by:


Phew! What a busy month it’s been and that’s why I haven’t had any time to update the blog! Basically, I’ve spent the past four weeks wrapping up my comprehensive exams. While they’re still not completely finished (I still need to defend them), I’ve jumped over the biggest hurdle of the process — writing them!



Although blogging fell to the bottom of my priority list this month, I promise that my #Project29 goals haven’t completely fallen by the wayside. Despite the craziness and stress of comps, I did manage to keep up with my yoga and swimming routines.


I’ve also been trying to meditate regularly, although it didn’t quite happen daily. In conjunction with the meditation, I’m in the process of establishing a regular morning and nighttime routine for myself.

Anyway! With comps almost behind me, it’s time to get my day-to-day life back on track. I’m going to dive back into my #Project29 list and get myself into a healthy routine as I prepare to transition to the dissertation phase of this PhD journey.

But in the meantime, I ran away to North Carolina for the weekend so I could fully unwind and relax after a stressful month/semester/year.


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