Do people even get bored these days? I mean that in all seriousness. When was the last time you were bored?

As a kid I remember complaining about boredom all the time. School would get out for the summer and after about a month of freedom, the boredom would set in and I’d go whining to my mom. “I’m booorrreeeeed,” which loosely translates to “entertain me!”

Now, as an adult, boredom seems like a thing of the past. Who has time to get bored these days? There’s so much work to be done, adventures to go on, things to be read, movies and tv shows to watch! Not to mention those little moments of downtime which become filled with texts, Facebook, snapchat, trivia crack and candy crush! Seriously. There’s not enough hours in the day!

So with all these ways to occupy our time, why should we even want to be bored?

Well it turns out that boredom breeds creativity and brilliance!

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.26.00 AM.png

We should all strive to add boredom back into our lives, and the best way to do that is to cut back the amount of time we mindlessly spend on our smartphones. Instead of checking our phones every few minutes or keeping our faces buried in our phones when we’re in waiting rooms, we should use that time to stop and look around. Notice the world around us. Let that downtime give our brains a chance to generate some creativity!

NPR’s New Tech City decided to explore the connection between boredom (or lack of) and our smartphone use. They’ve invited listeners to join them in the challenge, which they’re calling Bored and Brilliant.

So how do we get an idea of how much time we spend on our phones? Well, you can download the app Moment. Moment will tell you how many times you pick up your phone per day and then how many minutes you spend using your phone.

I downloaded Moment about a week ago. I’m embarrassed to admit how much time I unconsciously spend on my phone!

IMG_4052.2015-01-25_171526.PNG IMG_4053.2015-01-25_171531.PNG

If you look at January 24th, I spent TWO HOURS on my phone! TWO HOURS wasted. I really want to scale back the amount of time I spend on my phone and refocus that time toward either “me” time or downtime.

The challenge starts tomorrow February 2nd! Each day New Tech City will send out a mini-podcast episode and a challenge for the participants. I’m really excited to take part in this project. I’m sure it’ll be an eye-opening experience.

So now that I’m almost done with comp exams

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, I’m ready to get Bored and Brilliant!

Here’s a sneak peek of the week ahead:

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.31.49 AM.png

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