I found this neat site while browsing youtube for videos of Ellensburg. They’re tied in with the chamber of commerce for E’Burg and host videos showing E’burg throughout the different seasons.

The first video is features clips of various E’burg events year round. Notice the cowboy and rodeo theme… I’m definitely in for a change of scenery.

The second video shows clips from the Whiskey Dick Triathlon. I originally thought that I wanted to make it a goal to do it before I graduate from CWU… but then I realized that the swim is 1 mile, bike 28 miles, and run a 10k. Oh, did I mention that they strong recommend wearing a wet suit for the swim because the water temperature is in the 60s? Oh my. Maybe I can find someone willing to do the swimming and biking portion and I’ll run the 10k, unless I stumble upon a bike that I can train and use for the race.

Also, you can check out Central Washington’s youtube page to see more videos about the school.

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