A conversation.

My boss: So, you must have a lot to do. Are you excited?
Me: I am. I’m ready to wrap things up here and make the move.
Boss: Washington is beautiful. The whole area is gorgeous.
Me: Yeah, so I’ve heard. I’ve never been to Washington before.
Boss: Have you even seen the school?
Me: No, I haven’t seen the school, or Washington or even been to the Northwest.

Boss: The cost of living is supposed to be high up there.
Me: Uh, well, I don’t think that’s actually the case where I’m going. It’s a very small town.
Boss: So are you going to visit the capital?
*Thinking to myself… What is the capital of Washington? Tacoma? Olympia? What is in the capital to see?*
Me: Uh, sure. Eventually, I’ll visit it.

My boss asked some other question relating to the capital, when it dawned on me…

Me: I’m not going to Washington, DC. I’m going to the state of Washington.

* * *

A story.
[Possible Doubt Spoilers, but not really.]

After the show tonight, I walked out through the lobby and ran into a couple ushers talking to Sister Aloysius. They just told our stage manager a story and wanted to retell it to Sister A. So being curious, I decided to hang around and be nosy. Apparently the usher had seen the production when it was in Tampa with Cherry Jones (the original Sister Aloysius), and when she had went, the usher told her to make sure she stayed after the show ended. The woman said that once the show ended, and after about 2/3 of the audience had filed out where there was a gunshot heard off stage. No explanation of who the shot came from, or who shot who… just a gunshot. I don’t know. I don’t necessarily doubt the validity of the story, but I call bluff that it was supposed to be included in the production. The director perhaps had taken some artistic liberty? Regardless, there is no gunshot in the script, no gunshot in the movie and certainly no gunshot in our production. Furthermore, a gunshot doesn’t fit the story. It was an interesting story, though.

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