The graduate party was a smashing success! I’d say we had about 50-60 people there at a few different points and a variety of departments made appearances. I talked with people from biology, geology, psychology and history… that I’m aware of, haha. The question is, will we get people together to do this some other time? The theatre students were talking and if we formed a dramaturgy club, we could host other parties like this.

It was great to get out of the house and socialize, but I had glorious plans to get up at 7am the next morning and getting home around 12:30am made me 7am wakeup quite painful!

The past weekend my productivity level was quite low. It’s gonna hurt me down the road.

I did tackle my taxes though! w2, 1099, 1098-t, 1098-e, 1040, special c… ugh! Thankfully it looks like I WILL get a rebate and not owe money, like I was fearing. My wonderful father is going to have his tax person check over my work before I actually submit it. Perhaps I’ll even be able to get a bit more back? I won’t hold my breath.

Speaking of my wonderful father, I called him today to tell him how much I appreciate him. The jacket he found for me is amazing. I absolutely love it… it feels like wearing a down-comforter. He also is sending me a printer cartridge. My cartridge died right at the beginning of school and now I have to run to the library whenever I need to print. There was something else he’s done recently, but I don’t remember now. Anyway, he’s pretty awesome. As is my mom. I love her too. I tried to call her and tell her that, but my snotty (:-P) little sister told me she wasn’t home.

I should be feeling way more stress than I am right now. That’s scary. I have two weeks left of my own classes, which means two conference papers, a dramaturgy casebook and lots and lots of grading. My class (that I teach) did vote today to move the exam up, so it looks like I might be free and clear for nearly 13 days! Weee.

Ugh. I need sleep. Tomorrow I need to go see if I can work a deal out with Charter, the dumb cable company, so my rates don’t skyrocket. I also feel bad for the USA kicking Canada’s butt in the Olympics. I probably shouldn’t say this too loud, but I was sort of rooting for Canada…. at least to win the medal count.


Over and out.

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  1. Do my taxes? šŸ˜€

    I’m glad the party was so much fun! Did anyone get out of control drunk? Did you meet anyone who you would want to hang out with again soon? Are you in any of the pix you took? šŸ™‚

    I did feel a little bad for Canada too since there was so much pressure for them to win the hockey medal but did you know that they only let the Olympic team have a couple days practice before they actually played together? They used all their own NHL players and were betting on their raw talent and didnt let them form a team mentality. Its like, if you know you have this crazy international pressure to win in hockey then why not put the time and effort into prepping for it? Sooooo I don’t feel THAT bad for them.

  2. Ha! No way… mine were complicated enough and I don’t have my own business.

    The party was very tame. The room that we had rented was an all-ages room, so in order to get alcohol people had to go to the adjoining bar/coffee shop (coffee shop by day, bar by night) and couldn’t bring it back with them. I think that kept people under control… also the party was basically over by midnight.

    There’s one picture of me tagged on fb… and I’m in the group shot up at the top. šŸ™‚

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