Two quarters down, four more to go.

My first quarter of grad school, fall quarter, center on readjusting. Readjusting to school life and life in Ellensburg. Winter quarter was just plain busy. I team-taught two classes and was enrolled in four of my own. I wonder what spring quarter has in store for me. My course load will be heavy again and I’m teaching all by myself. Scary.

My schedule:

Directing I – This class is really why I’m scared. I have ZERO directing experience, but I think it’s important for me to understand the mechanics of directing. If I’d like to pursue dramaturgy, which I think I do, understanding what goes into directing and the director’s perspective will be useful for me. During my undergrad, I took a classed called “Directing Encounters” at FSU. The concept of the class was fantastic, but the instructor was CRAP. Basically, instead of providing us directing opportunities, he did everything himself. So I’m worried that my lack of experience will be a huge disadvantage in succeeding in this class. All that being said, the classes that have forced me out of my comfort zone (acting, voice, even directing encounters) have proved to be the most rewarding. That’s what I’m hoping.

Theatre History Modernism to Contemporary – I am very excited about this class. My interests tend to lie more towards contemporary theatre and this is the area where my thesis focuses. Also, one of our textbooks focuses on postcolonial theatre, such as African theatre and Latin American theatre. Yay.

Analysis and Criticism – This is another class I’m concerned about. I’m not entirely sure what this class will entail beyond reading lots of theory. Theory can be intense, so I’m sure this class will be difficult.


Dramaturgical Practicum – Again, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing exactly. We will be doing some sort of dramaturgical work on Urinetown, which CWU will be producing in the fall. Right now I’m signed up for two credit hours, but I’m debating whether or not I should drop down to just one credit.

On top of all that, I’m teaching Introduction to Theatre and helping with Theatre Appreciation and Film.

I’m also writing a grant for a summer research. I’m going to write more about my summer plans in another post….

All in all, I don’t think this quarter will be any busier or scarier than the previous quarters. I know how to manage grad school work and teaching, it’s just a matter of perfecting my time management skills.

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