I wish I knew what my summer plans are, but unfortunately I’m still in the process of hammering out the details.
[Blog title borrowed from my fabulous former roomie.]

Here is what I do know:
CWU classes end June 4th. Final exams are June 8th-11th. Grades are due by June 15th. What does that mean? I’ll be having my students take their final exam on the 3rd of June. As soon as I get the syllabi from my own classes, I’ll know when my freedom really begins.

My summer ends September 22nd, when classes resume.

June: H and I are running the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on June 26th. Theoretically, my family will be coming out with her and we’ll have a sort-of family vacation the last week in June.

After the marathon/family vacation my summer is relatively open. As soon as classes start back up, in a couple days, I’m going to write a research grant proposal. I need money so I can go to London and research my thesis. The thesis topic that I’m aiming to work on for my masters requires a trip to London to do some research with primary documents. IF I get this grant, I’ll still need to figure out expenses and such. IF I do go to London, I doubt it’ll be for more than a couple of weeks, just because it’s so expensive to stay there. SO… Even with a potential trip to London, my summer is still pretty open.

Beyond thesis research, I need to do some serious research on PhD programs, since I want to apply in the late fall. I also need to work on relearning Spanish. Other than that, I’m open.

I’d like to visit Florida at some point. Maybe even around the same time that A will be visiting? I’d love to have visitors come here. I know A is thinking of either coming in June, although that is looking tricky, or August/September.

So ideas? Suggestions? What am I forgetting? Blah blah blah… I’ll post more, as I know more.

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  1. Since June is so crazy for both of us, let’s just focus on August/September. I’m thinking late August/early September could work really well.

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