This week has been stressful. UGH. I’m so happy that it’s the weekend and I’m even happier that this weekend looks fairly easy work-wise. Remember that silly trip to London that determines my summer plans? Well, the main cause of stress revolved around writing two different grant proposals to make that trip happen. Thankfully I did the bulk of my research back in December, so this week I simply needed to edit and revise my thoughts. I’m actually quite happy with how my proposal turned out and I ended up with a new direction for my thesis. Weee! I’ll find out around mid-May if I got either grant and from there my summer plans will be determined. Scary.

The other big piece of news from this week is I might be presenting my history conference paper from last quarter at a university wide conference. Basically, I hate reading allowed, let alone in front of an audience but it would be fantastic experience and great for my CV.

Charlie celebrated his second birthday on April 3rd. My little son is growing up and definitely going through his terrible twos!

I had the scary realization this week that at some point I became a teacher. It’s so weird, I don’t feel like one… but clearly I am since I teach Intro to Theatre four days a week.

I’m currently obsessed with the tv show Veronica Mars. I know, it’s sooo 2004, but man it was a well-written show. Clearly my lack of cable hasn’t been an issue, especially since netflix keeps adding tv series to instant-play.

Marathon training has been kicked back into gear. Over spring break I did less running than I planned, but I did go to the gym almost every day. I realized that I can read from the kindle as I run on the elliptical. My desire to read distracted me from actually going out and running. I’m working on fixing that. Two weeks ago I did a long run of 6 miles and last week I went out and ran 10 miles. This week I’m supposed to run 14. I’ve made the deal with myself that I can run/walk if needed, so long as I actually complete the distance. I’m hoping this week’s run goes smoothly, I bought new shoes (I was long overdue) and shot bloks. I’d been forgetting to take nutrition mid-run, so maybe that’ll help keep my energy level up. I’m still fairly worried about completing the marathon, but I’m getting pretty excited too.

OH. It’s official. My whole family is coming to visit for a week at the end of June. My parents will be here to support H and I during the run!

Update next, a pictorial look at the past month…

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