Let’s travel back in time for a moment…

Spring break. Charlie loved being lazy for a week… there was lots of napping and movies to watch.

Even some playing ON the tv, much to my vexation. Notice the packing tape that surrounds my tv. It’s highly attractive [sarcasm] but at least it prevents Charlie from using the tv as a jungle gym.

When spring break ended, Charlie and I resumed our studies. Here he is learning about the well-made play.

And theatre in Spain from 1490-1700…

And theatre theory in Germany to Hegel…

Then he got tired, so I continued reading about French theory in the late 19th century.

Oh and it randomly snowed several times in the past week. We actually had a mini-blizzard last week. The snow didn’t stick, but it was crazy windy and snowing sideways.

In between the random snows, it does seem to be spring. I took this picture of day-lilies for my mom. 🙂

After my exhausting 10 mile run on Sunday, I made this fabulous pizza! Tomatoes, red bell peppers, spinach and a mixture of Italian cheeses. Yummy.

When Charlie’s not bouncing off my walls, quite literally, he is such an angel.

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