I’m back from Florida! … Actually, I’ve been back for almost a week now. I think I’m just in denial that I’m back in Washington (… Ellensburg) again.
Can I go back to Florida?
I wanna go back.
Pretty please???

home sweet home šŸ™‚

It was a wild and crazy trip. I honestly believe that I spent more time driving a car around Florida than I did actually visiting friends and relaxing. It’s all good though, because I did get to see a everyone that I was hoping to see.

I went to Tallahassee to visit with C and to meet with some very important people to discuss my professional future. The trip was too short, but totally worth it.
On the 18th, the little sister officially became a baby gator living in Gainesville.
Obviously no trip to Florida is complete without spending time with my bestest friends! A, you were definitely missed!
I dragged C & K along for a roadtrip to Jax beach for some Angies and beach action! What a good weekend. šŸ™‚

AND while I was in Florida I was able to experience two of my favorite Florida moments… Thursday morning I went to Treasure Island and relaxed in the sun and read. Then on Saturday I was actually stationary for a typical Florida thunderstorm. See, all of my roadtrips in Florida were done in rain, buckets of rain falling from the sky. Which I generally love — just not while driving. Anyway, my friend even has this killer porch with rocking chairs, so I could sit outside and watch the thunder and lighting crash around me. Ah-mazing!

I really wish I had spent more time in Florida. More time with each of the people I went to visit and more time doing nothing. I suppose that’s what Christmas break is for? And who knows, moving back to Florida might very well be in the cards for the next year… šŸ˜‰

But, returning to Washington did mean one good thing… CHARLIE! He has been glued to my side ever since I walked back in the door. I haven’t told him I’m going to London for a week in a couple of weeks. It might break his poor little heart.

Other things… There are several blog posts bouncing around in my head, but it’s too late to tackle them now. So for the future, expect posts on:

  • Life in E’burg one year later
  • An update on my food adventures, including eating healthy and vegetarian while traveling
  • Exploring the potential of social media — do I have the time, patience, or desire?

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