Today I submitted a picture and verfied my e-mail address to the guy who coordinates the Central Washington website. I’m now officially listed on the faculty/staff webpage. EEEEK!

Check it out!

I also got my package from Amazon. Graduate Study for the 21st Century.


It looks like a thoroughly exciting read. [Sarcasm.] Apparently it’s the book that my introduction to graduate studies class will be using. It was recommended that we read it before arriving at CWU, so this is what I’ll be reading during Doubt. I’m trying to recall all my good student practices that have been in hibernation since I graduated from FSU two years ago.  I want to do this right. I want to be an excellent student and scholar. I really think that two years off and taking classes only in subjects that truly interest me will be a big help. I’m only slightly concerned about the massive amounts of work that accompany grad school and how I probably will have zero free time. Such is life though, right?

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