You know what’s a weird craving to experience? Wanting veggies! When I was home, I managed to avoid eating meat, both at restaurants and when I ate with my family. It was challenging, but a fun sort of challenge! I am 100% completely a creature of habit. I find a dish at a restaurant that I like and then I order it every single time I go to that place. Why mess with things when I know I’ll enjoy something that’s tried and true? Well, since previously the only situations when I’d eat meat would be when I went out or someone else cooked it for me, I was forced to find new dishes at all of my favorite restaurants. The California burrito with shredded beef at Carmelitas? No more. I actually told my family that I’d rather eat my sweet potato and kale chips then go to Carmelitas. Thankfully, I ended up really enjoying myself and stepping outside my comfort zone! I like avocados and guacamole now. Who knew!

Despite all the new delicious meals I ate at Carmelitas, Angies, Chipotle, Moes, and Momos, I was constantly craving fresh veggies, preferably in the form of a green smoothie!


One big lesson that I learned while on vacation is this — it’s pretty easy to find meat-free options while eating out, but eating healthy at restaurants is a whole different challenge. I succeeded at my meat-free challenge, but only sort of maintained my eating healthy goals.

I did manage to turn my mom and sister on to green smoothies. I also became spoiled by their blender/food processor. The food processor part made the most incredible banana soft-serve. I had no idea what I was missing out on, and now that I know I can’t go back! My blender is super cheap and sounds like it’s a plane about to take off. I definitely have blender envy.


Anyone want to buy this for me? Please?

If you’re in the giving mood, I’d like one of these as well…


Since I’ve been reading all these healthy living blogs, two things have popped into my head.

First off, I want to try barefoot running.

No, not literal barefoot.
I want a pair of Vibrams.


I know they look strange and ridiculous, but the thought of running “barefoot” sounds so intriguing! It’s also supposed to be really good for you. While I don’t really have problems with knee or joint pain from running, if I did, these are supposed to help reverse the problems.

More about these at a later date…

The real motive behind this post is social media… you know, blogging, twitter, facebook, etc.

Looking at all the real life and virtual friends that these healthy living bloggers have made through blogging and twitter makes me a bit envious. While I really have no expectations of finding a friend-base in Ellensburg through blogging, I do see the potential to make virtual friends or future friends whenever I end up.

So I’ve been debating — do I make more of an effort to get into the healthy living virtual scene or do I just watch from afar?

It would be neat to go to one of the blogging conferences that I read about, either BlogHer or Heathy Living Summit. It would also help keep me committed to a healthy lifestyle, both through my food choices and exercises choices, which I already know will be a lifelong requirement for my own health. But here are my doubts and concerns…

Do I have it in me to blog regularly (every day or every other day) enough to develop a base of readers?

What is my unique angle? Is my writing voice clear? This blog used to be about my transition from Florida to Washington, but it’s ended up shifting to healthy living over the past few months.

And I think most importantly, do I have the time to put effort into the blog?

For now, I want to revamp the look of my blog and focus on writing more frequently, even if it’s just a picture and a short caption.

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