Watch out, Eburg is infested with cowboys!

tav cowboys

A & I ventured out on the town last night and we ended up at the Tav. It’s sort of the local “watering hole,” except last night there were a ton of out-of-town cowboys hanging around. They kept hooting and hollering, walking around in their cowboy hats and boots. I’m looking forward to people watching tomorrow at the parade and fair/rodeo.

After the Tav, we walked home. Shortly into our journey, we were joined by a friend.


This little kitty cat, who we decided was named Mt. Vernon, was so friendly and walked home with us — the trek ended up being over a mile! Mt. Vernon was so funny, taking the lead at certain points and trailing behind at others. When we were almost back to my apartment, Mt. Vernon started to get tired and laid down on the sidewalk. A picked him up and carried him for a bit. He was so content to be with us and be carried. Although I was worried it wouldn’t be able to get home, so we when we got to my place we jumped in the car and drove him back to the point where he joined us. Hopefully Mt. Vernon actually lived near that playground and just had a fun late night adventure.

Today we did more walking around Eburg. A finally got to see Dick and Jane’s spot in real life.



We also stopped by the pet store to see if they had the cat toy that Charlie loves.

Sadly, they did not.
But they did have this!


Aww! I want it! I think Charlie could use a playmate and how cute it is?!

My dad and commonsense quickly vetoed the thought. Perhaps in a year when I’m settled somewhere else I’ll see about a sibling for Charlie.

After the pet store we wandered over to the fairgrounds to see what it looked like over there. We couldn’t really see much, but A could smell the animals and we did see a lot of typical fair rides.

We will have better pictures tomorrow since we are going to the parade tomorrow morning and the fair in the afternoon.

The rest of the afternoon was spent being lazy. I made a big dent in my syllabus/course planning for the fall. It’s overwhelming, but I have a bunch of ideas.

Then this evening A and I had a skype date with C.


Hehe. She’s gonna kill me. 🙂

Okay! Well the Wizard Rockumentary is over, pictures are updated, and this post is over. Goodnight.

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