Cowboys and indians, oh my!

The day started out by watching the Kittitas Country Fair Parade. Admittedly, I did not expect much. Parades are generally lame, in my opinion, but I was surprised by both the number of floats and the number of people who turned out to watch the parade. Where do these people hide every other day of the year?!





The CWU Wildcats mascot. Considering I’ve never actually to been to any of the events here, this was the first time I’ve seen him.


We saw tons of rodeo pageant queens. I think if you win the rodeo pageant you’re obligated to appear at rodeo events for the rest of your life. Seriously. There were a million rodeo queens trotting by on horses. I even saw one from 1949! Also, I guess the queens make appearances at other local fairs and rodeos, because it wasn’t just Kittitas county winners.


And after each group that involved horses, they had little kids on manure duty. The kids looked so excited, I don’t think they realize how crappy their job was.


We actually had a lot of fun watching the parade, taking pictures, and adding silly commentary.


More horses! Horses, horses, horses!


Horses and Yakima Indians.



While I was surrounded by cowboys and indians at the parade, I couldn’t help but think about another indian tribe — the SEMINOLES!

Today was the first day of college football and the Seminoles kicked things off with a major win against Samford. I vow to watch as many games as possible this season. My plan is to either plant myself at some sports bar and convince the them to change it to the FSU game orrr more likely, go to the gym and watch part of the game on the TVs there.


One more parade picture, for good measure.


From there, we tried to go to the farmers market, but it didn’t happen this weekend. So we went to check out the fair instead. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the fair (or at least I can’t remember the last time I went…).


Trying on cowboy hats was first on our list of things to see.


I actually think that the straw cowboy hat works for me… who knows, maybe I’ll buy one and start sporting the look.


This guy was walking around with a faux cow…. Not sure why.


We avoided eating any bad fair food, but they did have rootbeer floats advertised and it was very tempting to pass up.

Next up… Frontier Village. It reminded me of Heritage Park from Florida. They took these original houses from their locations in Kittitas county disassembled them and then reassembled them board for board on the fairgrounds. Each of the buildings were manned by docents who share lineage with the original owners. Pretty neat.

The doorways were very short. Why is it people have become taller in the past century? Is it because we are eating more theoretically nutritious foods? Hrm.


Then we checked out the animals!

Chickens first. This girl raised her chicken from an egg. She was very cute and friendly. The girl, not the chicken, well the chicken was sort of cute too.


We got to pet some of the chickens too.


Next the cows!

But first we watched them bathe the cows. There was one who was very unhappy to be sprayed down. It was moaning and drooling the whole time.



I’m sort afraid of big animals. A suggested that I bow to the cow, like a hippogriff. It did not allow me to pet it, so I moved on. 😉


We also found this kid, just chillin, surfin’ on his iphone, while resting on the cow. Ha.


After the fair, we made a pitstop at Safeway and returned back to the apartment. Since then we’ve been chilling here, like that boy, except without the cows.

Actually, all the walking we’ve done these past few days have made my legs tired and sore! Who knew.

On the agenda for tomorrow — check out Roslyn, the Roslyn farmer’s market, maybe the wind turbines and more relaxing. Seattle on Monday. A flies home on Tuesday and I fly to LONDON on Wednesday!

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