I love London.

I can totally picture myself living here. It reminds me a lot of Paris, even though I didn’t spend a lot of time there, except they speak English and not French! Also, I haven’t seen any awesome baguette stands, so Paris wins in the bread department.

Anyway, I love all the history, the traditions, the lore, the theatre that’s everywhere, and the public transportation! Yay for the Tube.

This morning I went and checked out the changing of the guards. The bus tour I went on yesterday offers free walking tours as part of the ticket price, so I met up with the group and did a walking tour of the changing of the guards. I’m so glad that I went with them because otherwise I’m pretty sure I either a) wouldn’t have seen it or b) it would have been disappointing. The tour had us walk to different points, so we could see the whole process. So basically, it was worth it.


I have a small confession to make.

I’ve seen so many buildings and such already and I take pictures of it all, but by the time I get back here, I’ve forgotten what it was I took the picture of. :-/

I *know* these are the changing of the guard pictures, but I don’t remember which guards were relieving each other.

SAM_2237 SAM_2238

Very serious police officer. He yelled at tourists who put even one toe into the street. He also blocked off the traffic for the guard change.


The band!

SAM_2251 SAM_2253 SAM_2256

This is the other group of guards. Again, a band followed by the guards.


Buckingham Palace.


Random group of horses… See, I’ve forgotten who they really are!


Random guards to go along with the random horses.


Queen Victoria’s gate.


Crap, I can’t remember… I’m pretty sure this gate was a gift from the current Queen to her mother.


Big Ben.


Trafalgar’s Square.


After my sightseeing I finally found a drug store and bought a hair dryer! Hallelujah! I feel human again.

I ate lunch back at the dorm, talked to my parents, took a short nap and now it’s time to visit my favorite theatre in London – The Royal Court! Weee! I’m so excited.

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  1. I have secret ambitions (so shhh) of moving to London and taking over the British Museum and slowly turning myself into an Englishwoman. It can happen, right? I know its kind of silly but I just love the aura of history in Europe that we lack (on a certain level) here. Enjoy your trip!!

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