This morning I made the mistake of ordering Perfect Oatmeal from the Starbucks Barista. She blinked her eyes at me and asked if I meant the Perfect Porridge. Yes, apparently I did. Who knew Starbucks changed their product names in different countries. Also, I was impressed to see that the Starbucks here are all support fair trade and their menu items specify whether food is vegetarian friendly, as well as gluten free, etc.


Once I consumed my porridge, I headed over to Leicester Square to see about purchasing some Billy Elliot pictures.

I found this sight, which was definitely not there yesterday.


I asked someone among the group of people lining the sidewalks in folding chairs what was going on… Tonight is the premiere of The Other Guys. People were already waiting to watch the stars walk the red carpet at 10:30 in the morning!


I bought my Billy Elliot tickets!


And jumped on the tube.


I spent the next several hours at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The museum is humongous! They have collections areas ranging from Medieval and Renaissance to Asia, India and Islamic cultures, as well as theatre and performance, jewelry and textiles. I felt like there was so much to see and I only got a taste of it.

This is a Dale Chihuly chandelier in the grand entrance hall.


Jason from Greek mythology.



I decided to take a guided tour, but our guide was a bit too loquacious and tended to go off on tangent. He also used a maglite flashlight to point out things as he was talking, but he referred to it as his torch. Hehe.





Next up! Theatre and Performance. I did a guided tour of this area too, but the guide was a Polish girl doing her internship here and working on her PhD in anthropology. She knew nothing about theatre. I could have easily given a better tour. Rather sad, since I was hoping to learn something new.

Regardless, the artifacts were awesome. I took tons of pictures which I hope to use in my classroom.



A rain maker.


Costumes from the Lion King.



Kylie Minogue’s dressing room. Ms. Minogue actually helped to recreate the dressing room so that it would be as true to her actual dressing room as possible.


One of Mick Jagger’s outfits. They had to custom build the mannequin because he is so skinny.



Elton John’s Bicycle outfit.


One of Shakespeare’s first folios.


From The Producers.



Edward Gordon Craig.


Japanese Noh masks.



This is the outside of the V&A museum. I actually entered from an underground tube location.


Then my camera died. I did walk through Hyde Park, but I have no pictures of it. Imagine Central Park, but in London. I’d love to go running there or have a picnic.

And that’s all for now.

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  1. I had the opportunity to see the NEATEST thing a few years ago. I was on an interview at the Folger Shakespeare Library here in DC. I didn’t get the job and didn’t even get a call back but I DID get a tour of like the two floors of artifacts, folios, quarters and eighths. But the COOLEST thing was I got to see the largest collection of first folios in existence. All 76 of them (out of like…200 I think?).

    have fun!!

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