Billy Elliot was a blast!

[The above title is a lyric from the show.]


It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen a big, flashy musical and I’m so glad I sucked it up and went tonight. Not to mention watching 2 1/2 hours of ballet and tap leaves me smiling from ear to ear. I love watching people dance!

As soon as I hit publish on my last post I ran out the door, unfortunately my desire to post my entry caused me to run a bit late. I made it onto the Victoria train, only to discover that someone a few stations ahead had pulled the passenger emergency alarm and we would be stopped at the station until things were sorted out. I nearly panicked. Thankfully after about 5 minutes, we were on our way again and I made it to the theatre with 10 minutes to spare before curtain. Phew!


Here are a few things I’ve noticed about British theatre:

  • Intermission is referred to as the interval.
  • Eating and drinking inside the theatre and during the show are permitted and encourage. I saw one couple eating those prepackage sandwiches and the theatre actually sold ICE CREAM at the interval. I LOVE IT. Theatre + ice cream = fabulous!
  • They don’t give out programs or playbills. You must purchase them if you want one.
  • People walked up and down the aisles during the interval selling programs, food, souvenirs.

Other than those minor differences, a West End show was very similar to seeing a Broadway show — overall, very enjoyable!

Tomorrow is my last day here, I can’t believe it!

I’m sad to go, but also really looking forward to the comforts of my own home — a comfy bed, not having my computer tethered to an ethernet cable, no more overhead lighting, a kitchen, my hair straightener, and CHARLIE!

I’ll be spending tomorrow researching, looking into taking the Heathrow Express home and buying final gifts. Oh, and I tried to mail postcards to people, but when I put them in the mail slot they got stuck on the chute. Who knows if they’ll make it to their destinations.

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  1. Lol, mail drama. There’s still a postcard floating around in the ether that I sent but never quite made it to Ashley in Paris. C’est la vie.

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