Are we there yet?

It’s been a long day. I’m currently sitting at Sea-Tac waiting for the shuttle back to Ellensburg. I am really looking forward to a hot shower, followed by a date with Charlie and my bed. I don’t know how people can travel for 24+ hours and not look like crap, because I’m currently a hot mess.

The day started at 4:15am, London time. I said goodbye to my dorm room, turned in my keys, and rolled my suitcase down the road to King’s Cross station.


The underground was pretty much deserted at 5:30am.



I rode the tube from King’s Cross to Paddington station (more on that in a minute) and from there hopped on the Heathrow Express.

The lovely ticket lady that I spoke with yesterday advised me to turn in my Oyster card when I got to Heathrow, so I could get my three pound deposit back. It turns out I had some remaining money on my card and got 6.20 back! Since it wasn’t money I planned on getting back, it was like having breakfast for free!


The other day my mom informed me that Paddington Bear gets his name from Paddington station. Before my parents knew whether or not H was a girl or a boy, they choose a gender neutral theme for her room — Paddington Bear. H always hated her room design and still laments to this day about how much she disliked Paddington Bear, which she suffered with until she was 10.

So Mom and H, this picture if for you. 😉


Once I made it through the ridiculously long security line — don’t even get me started — I settled myself in terminal three to wait for my gate to open. I became quite frustrated when my kindle decided that it did not want me to buy a new book for the flight home. Grr.


Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.


At Heathrow they don’t allow you to go immediately to your gate after passing security, instead you wait in this large waiting room/mall-type place. It wasn’t until I was about to board that they announced which gate I was supposed to go to.


The flight from Heathrow to Chicago wasn’t too bad. Surprisingly, the food was actually decent. I suspect it has to do with it originating in the UK. Each seat also had it’s own mini-TV. I watched an episode of CSI, Letters to Juliet, and about half of Sex and the City 2. You could also track your flight progress. Pretty cool, if you ask me.


On my long flight I also sat next to this nice gentleman who is a business consultant. He has his PhD from UGA and we talked about masters and PhD programs, scholarship, and the differences between business academe and humanities academe.

When I told him that I was getting my masters in theatre, he immediately told me how his daughter loves theatre and is very talented and passionate about it. He went on to explain how he supports her, but he wants her to get her undergrad degree in something practical and she can pursue theatre after college. While I understand his line of thought, I was a bit offended because I firmly believe that there are many practical jobs within the world of theatre. Pretty much anything you can do in the “real world,” you can do in the theatre world. We talked about it for a while and when I mentioned how you can do advertising, marketing, management, business, directing, technical theatre, costume design, teaching, study history, cultures, etc. all with a theatrical focus he admitted he had never thought of it that way. I sort of hope that I opened his eyes to the possibilities of theatre beyond acting.

After my flight I had to go through customs, get my luggage, drop my luggage back off, go through another hour long security line and then head to my gate. It took the entire 2 1/2 hour layover that I had in Chicago.

I did have time to grab Dunkin’ Donuts, which eased my frustrations with the security mess part two.


And now here I am in Sea-Tac waiting on my shuttle. I’ll be back in E’burg around 10:40pm, making my travel adventure a full 27 hours long.

Please remind me, next time I decided to fly across the Atlantic, to start from the east coast.


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