I love rituals and traditions.


It’s already fall here in the northwest. The weather is cool, the trees are starting to change colors and unfortunately, the sun is rising later and setting earlier.

Yesterday I went and saw Easy A. I LOVED it. Easy A was especially awesome — clever, intelligent, referenced John Hughes movies, and had a musical number, what’s not to love? You gotta love a teen movie that can make jokes about Sylvia Plath and Kinsey AND offer spot-on commentary about our society AND still appeal to the typical teen movie crowd.


I really want to see this movie. Hopefully it’ll make it to E’burg. I want to see it pretty much because I love Kristen Bell. She’s another witty, slightly snarky, but very clever actress.


As for this movie… I think it’s too soon to make a movie about the facebook phenomenon. Facebook came out six years ago, but it’s only been super popular for maybe the last three years. Give it a decade or so.


During the movie another crazy storm passed through E’burg. I heard from my new classmate that it actually hailed! By the time that I got out of the movie the rain was gone, but I did get to see the pretty rainbow.


The rest of the day was spent slaving over my syllabus and class planning for the quarter. I’m still trying to figure out all the details.


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  1. I really wanna see the FB movie cause I’m wondering how much of it will paint Mark Zuckerberg as an asshole. I wanna know how much of it is true or not. And I don’t know much about how the site started so I think it will be interesting to look at this social network from a ‘historical’ (if fictionalized) perspective. Too soon? Maybe. But we do live in a fast-paced, gimme-now kind of society. Maybe they are worried that the social networking phenom will pass in a few years and they gotta jump on the FB bandwagon NOW. (Though honestly, I think this is only the beginning of so-called ‘social networking’.)

    I REALLY wanna see Easy A. AND You again. I love Kristen Bell & Jamie Lee Curtis AND Betty White! (I mean, how cool is it that at 80 or whatever her career pretty much starts over and she’s like the “must have” woman for comedies now? How awesome must she feel???)

    Good to know Easy A is worth it. I always hate it when teen comedies look so promising and then fail on so many levels. I’m a little upset that you (and 95% of my friends in Nashville (including my brother)) have not seen Scott Pilgrim. I kinda wanna buy everyone copies of it when it comes out on DVD just so they don’t miss out on the epicness. šŸ™‚ I’m gonna have a viewing party in November when it comes out, which is kind of a bummer since my halloween costume is gonna be Ramona Flowers and no one will have seen the movie to know who I am šŸ™


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