When I originally started this blog, I called it “Cross Country Kate.” The original purpose was to document my cross-country move and the adjustments I’d face as a Floridian living in Washington, away from my family and friends.

I started blogging in late summer 2009, prior to my trip from Florida to Washington. At that time, I wrote:

In less than two months, I’m packing all of my belongings into my car and moving to Washington state. The first big adventure will be the cross country road trip. St. Petersburg, Florida to Ellensburg, Washington… a mere 45 hours of driving and 3000 miles, just myself, my dad and my cat, Charlie. Expect lots of pictures, twitter updates, facebook status’ and the works. I’ve never seen any of the mid-western states! Then starting in September, I’ll begin life as a graduate student pursuing a masters degree in Theatre Studies. I’m extremely excited. I want to do this blog as a way to document all of my adventures and new experiences, as well as keep in touch with family and family. I think it’s going to be really interesting to move to such a different place. I’ve only ever lived in Florida. I’m taking a big leap of faith moving so far away and not knowing anyone in the area, but to me, that’s what makes it so exciting and challenging.   

The Road Trip from Florida to Washington: 

Packing – Last Night in Florida
Day One – Welcome to North Carolina!
Day Two – GooGoos and Illinoise!
Day Four – Are We There Yet?
Day Five – Picture Update
[Almost] Home Sweet Home
Day Six – Happiness Is …
A Virtual Tour! 

Settling into Ellensburg and My First Week:
Grown Ups Love Vacuum Cleaners
Whoa Wind!

Jump ahead to June 2011, two years later I ended up making the return trip from Washington back to Florida. The only difference this time was that instead of moving someplace unknown and exciting, I was returning to a city where I’d already spent five years living and this time I was going to be a homeowner.

The Road Trip from Washington Back to Florida: 

Packing and Saying Goodbye – Packing, More Packing, and Goodbyes
More Packing – Fabulous Fathers
Getting the U-Haul – U-Haul Puzzle Master
Day One – Cruising Down I-90 from Washington to Montana
Day Two – Big Sky Country – More of the Same
Day Three – Master Navigator
Day Five – Sweet Tea and Humidity
The Last Leg – Sight Unseen

At this point, I only know three things for certain. One, I am very happy where I am right now. Two, I will not be moving anytime soon. And three, I can’t rule out that there won’t be more cross-country road trips in my future. 

Such is the life in academia. 

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