The List (Here’s the backstory about #Project29):


Mental Balance

1. Establish a morning routine — No more haphazardly running out the door.
2. Establish a bedtime routine — Tea, reading before bed, and a normal bedtime.
3. Work on disconnecting more often. Less Facebook, less checking of my cellphone, less mindlessly surfing the internet.
4. Work on improving my communication with friends and family through regular phone calls and e-mails.
5. Add meditation into my life. Aim to meditate daily.
6. Make yoga a regular part of my life. Go two to three times a week.

Physical Balance

7. Get 10,000 steps a day.
8. Take up rock climbing/bouldering.
9. Complete a triathlon.
10. Swimming — get comfortable swimming laps and open swims.
11. Biking — get comfortable biking.
12. Running — get back into running. Maybe even train for a half marathon.
13. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
14. Break my sugar addiction by cutting out refined sugar.
15. Go on a multi-day hiking adventure.
16. Lose 29 pounds.

Intellectual Balance

17. Write daily — just 10 minutes a day of both personal and scholarly writing.

18. Read daily — read before bed and make sure I do at least 30 minutes a day of scholarly reading.

Financial Balance

19. Start budgeting.

20. Put $50 every paycheck into savings.

Life Balance

21. Learn to play the accordion

22. Build a kitchen table and a flower box.

23. Learn to drive a stick shift.

24. Sing karaoke.

25. Join a kickball team!

26. Move all my stuff from my parents house to my house and do a massive clothes/things purge.

27. Actively start planning my Asian/European backpacking adventure — make plans, save money, make it happen during 30.

28. Spend an hour a week cleaning the house to stay on top of things.

29. Pierce my nose!

The Plan:

My goal is to tackle these a few at a time over the course of the next 9-10 months. I might do 30-day challenges for some of the things on the list, like meditating or reading and writing, since if I did those for 30 straight days it will help them become a habit. I’ve also started working on some item already, like the weight loss, swimming, and budgeting. I plan to update the blog on a weekly basis to track my progress or document the completion of certain goals. My mom also suggested that I set up a reward system for myself to keep me motivated. I’ve got ideas about possible rewards, such as acrylic nails, a new swimsuit, a massage, a stitch fix subscription, new books, etc. I haven’t figured out how/when to reward myself.

Other than that, I’m open to suggestions or ideas as I tweak the list and details. Regardless, I’m looking forward to celebrating the last few months of my twenties by preparing to start 30 off as the best possible version of myself.

So let the adventure begin!


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