Does anyone remember when “go call charter” was THE insult/comeback of the 5th grade? It seems like people were obsessed with 1-800-charter for a long time back then. I’m vaguely remember it being a mental health line and there were a bunch of commercials for it… but for some reason everything about it was hilarious to 10-year-olds.

Today I went and visited Charter. No, not the mental health place, but the delightful (gag) cable/internet company here in Eburg. My promo package is about to run out and I wanted to change things before my bill went up $20.00. The lady at the desk pretty much told me the people over the phone are idiots and just to come and see them if I have any questions or concerns. She also basically told me that I could probably keep my price and package, but I’d have to resign up for the promo in March. That being said, I also found out that I can get just internet and save myself $15.00 a month. Now I have to decide if I want to ditch my cable (I only get broadcast stations as it is) and save money or keep paying for it.

If I get rid of cable:

  • I’ll have to wait for my tv shows to make it online… basically, I won’t be able to relax and watch mindless tv at night. Or at least not without tying up my computer.
  • No more Today show in the mornings. I could very easily just switch to listening to NPR, which would actually be a more intelligent news source. Also I generally listen to the tv in the mornings, more than I watch it.
  • I think I’d bump up my netflix subscription to more than 1 disc at a time… but the savings would still outweigh the increase in cost.
  • I would not be able to turn on the tv to find out breaking news. But that’s what the internet is for, isn’t it?

I think overall, it just would feel weird not to have any tv… but then again, I have alternative solutions to any of my issues with getting rid of it. I might ask and see if I can ditch the cable and if it becomes unbearable, then see about getting back into my package deal.

Decisions, decisions.

Sidenote: I just discovered that one of my current professors friended me on my personal facebook. Ugh. What to do??? I don’t want to be friends with her at the moment… lol.

weekend wrap up

The graduate party was a smashing success! I’d say we had about 50-60 people there at a few different points and a variety of departments made appearances. I talked with people from biology, geology, psychology and history… that I’m aware of, haha. The question is, will we get people together to do this some other time? The theatre students were talking and if we formed a dramaturgy club, we could host other parties like this.

It was great to get out of the house and socialize, but I had glorious plans to get up at 7am the next morning and getting home around 12:30am made me 7am wakeup quite painful!

The past weekend my productivity level was quite low. It’s gonna hurt me down the road.

I did tackle my taxes though! w2, 1099, 1098-t, 1098-e, 1040, special c… ugh! Thankfully it looks like I WILL get a rebate and not owe money, like I was fearing. My wonderful father is going to have his tax person check over my work before I actually submit it. Perhaps I’ll even be able to get a bit more back? I won’t hold my breath.

Speaking of my wonderful father, I called him today to tell him how much I appreciate him. The jacket he found for me is amazing. I absolutely love it… it feels like wearing a down-comforter. He also is sending me a printer cartridge. My cartridge died right at the beginning of school and now I have to run to the library whenever I need to print. There was something else he’s done recently, but I don’t remember now. Anyway, he’s pretty awesome. As is my mom. I love her too. I tried to call her and tell her that, but my snotty (:-P) little sister told me she wasn’t home.

I should be feeling way more stress than I am right now. That’s scary. I have two weeks left of my own classes, which means two conference papers, a dramaturgy casebook and lots and lots of grading. My class (that I teach) did vote today to move the exam up, so it looks like I might be free and clear for nearly 13 days! Weee.

Ugh. I need sleep. Tomorrow I need to go see if I can work a deal out with Charter, the dumb cable company, so my rates don’t skyrocket. I also feel bad for the USA kicking Canada’s butt in the Olympics. I probably shouldn’t say this too loud, but I was sort of rooting for Canada…. at least to win the medal count.


Over and out.

Bring on the marathon!

It’s official. I’m registered for the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon!

I’m a bit concerned since I’ve fallen off the wagon when it comes to my running/fitness regime for this week. I justified it to myself, saying that my body needed a break and my knee was bothering me a bit. No more excuses though, I need to start pounding the pavement. The weather here has been GORGEOUS, so there is no reason not to go running. Heck, maybe I’ll start tomorrow if I can get my homework under control. I have until June 26th to be capable of running 26.2 miles.

I’m a bit envious of the little sister… She ran 10 miles all by herself today. I don’t think 10 miles is in my future for tomorrow, but perhaps next weekend. I also need to see about getting some nutrition, like gels and sport beans. They don’t sell anything like that here in E’burg, so maybe I can justify a trip to Yakima.

My super-sweet winter jacket arrived today!

I’m pretty excited about it, although I don’t know how many cold days we have left in this winter season. I’m just happy it was such a good deal!

And here’s a picture of Charlie, for good measure.

Spring, is that you?

Serves you right:

Last night I jokingly complained to my parents that they didn’t love me, since they hadn’t looked at my Whistler pictures yet but they had seen A’s blog. Today, in retaliation, my mom went on facebook and attempted to comment on every single one of my Whistler pictures… all 131 of them. I happened to be at my computer as she was doing this and noticed the constant stream of e-mails and fb notifications. At about 20 comments in, my mom broke her facebook page. Ha! Due to the speed of her commenting and the number of comments, facebook disabled her page. Hehe… serves her right for trying to get back at me. While all the comments and notifications were slightly annoying it definitely made me laugh and feel loved. <3

She also bought a book for me at the church book sale. Yes! It’s a Karen Armstrong book called The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions. I’m pretty excited. The book is actually fairly current, which is even better.

You know how sometimes pet owners bring their dogs to nursing homes or children’s hospitals to help cheer up the patients? Well I wish I could enroll Charlie in that type of program. He brings me so much joy and he’s so social, that I think he could make other people happy too. But cats can be so unpredictable that it could be an issue. Hrm.

I also miss volunteering at All Children’s.

I’m looking forward to this weekend. As much fun as I had last weekend, my weekends are a time to relax and prepare myself for the upcoming week and I didn’t get a chance to do that last weekend. ALSO, it’s finally time for the grad party! One of my colleagues organized a party at the local arts venue for all the graduate students of Central. We feel really isolated in our program and hopefully this will be a chance for us to get to know other graduate students in the other programs.

I’m pretty sure spring is almost here. It’s been in the 50s for the past couple weeks. I’m almost to the point of putting my uggs back in the closet and rocking my rainbows full time. Spring also means that I can travel to either Yakima or Seattle without worrying about snow!

I realized today that spring break will be here in about three weeks. I will have about 10 days off with very little responsibilities. I’m not going anywhere, since going home costs too much… so I’m not sure what I’ll do to entertain myself for 10 days. It’s kinda exciting though. Maybe I’ll make a trip to Seattle? Have a movie marathon? Read lots of fun and scholarly books? Oh the possibilities! Anyone want to come visit? lol

Olympic sized update

This past weekend I spent 24 hours traveling by greyhound bus and 40 hours in Whistler, BC and I have to say, it was worth every second.

I had such a good time!!!

Saturday morning A and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and check out the peak-2-peak. As we walked through the village where there were a ton of different photo opportunities and things to check out. There were also several stages and big screens set up throughout the village for live concerts and places to watch the events and ceremonies.

One of the coolest aspects of the Olympics was seeing all the different people representing their countries. So much pride! I was a bit ashamed to be an American… neither A nor myself thought of bringing anything American and the people who we did see sporting American pride were people we didn’t want to be associated with… think big cowboy hats, loud obnoxious frat guys, etc.

It’s possibly the Ukrainian ski team!

We bought our tickets and rode up the Whistler mountain gondola.

After you get to the main drop off point for Whistler mountain, you ride the peak-2-peak gondola across to the other mountain, Blackcomb.

After the peak-2-peak, it was time for Zogs! Zogs serves delicious fries with Canadian toppings, along with these amazing creations called beavertails.

Even Obama loves beavertails, haha.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around taking pictures and enjoying the atmosphere.

This guy was not very enthused to have his picture taken… clearly, he should not dress that way if he doesn’t want to be a spectacle.

This guy was a much better sport. šŸ™‚

Several of the countries have houses set up around the village… this is the Jamaican house.

We even saw a gondola fender bender for the Excalibur gondola.

Skip to Sunday… my bus was supposed to leave at 1:30pm, so A and I decided to walk to Lost Lake park and explore the trails a bit before I left.

When we got to the entrance of the park we discovered that it was closed for cross country skiers. So sad.

So we threw snowballs (ice balls) instead.

I wish I could have stayed longer… been a bit lazy, maybe read in these fabulous chairs we found.

That concludes my Whistler trip. What a fabulous trip!

I traveled all day Monday, finally arriving back in Ellensburg after a sketchy layover in Seattle around 1:30am. I thought Charlie would have been ecstatic to see me, but instead I think my absence made him a bit deranged. I think he was afraid I’d left and would never come back and didn’t want to trust me at first. Thankfully he’s recovered. Although he did sleep in my duffle for most of Tuesday, I guess so he wouldn’t be left behind again, if I go on any trips in the near future.

Whistler Day 1!

I am in Whistler! Today has been quite the adventure and I expect tomorrow to be even more of one.

First of all, the Ellensburg greyhound station, from what I can figure out, is literally a shed. I took a picture, but it’s on my phone and I’m trying to avoid international fees. (And I’m lazy.)

The leg of travel from Ellensburg to Seattle was quite sketch. The bus and it’s passengers were uh, what you’d expect from greyhound clientele. The Seattle station was also quite cramped and dirty. Thankfully, A and Moothor met me there and I did the rest of the traveling in their company. Also, on my way home my layover in Seattle is real quick.

On the bus from Seattle to Vancouver we were joined by five post-college aged guys who provided much entertainment to us. One of the guys was even singing Disney songs.

Sadly, I had a bit of an accident on that part of the trip… I dropped my delicious trail mix. šŸ™

I don’t think the 10 second rule counts. I’m planning on remaking it tomorrow, since I’ll definitely need something to snack on as I travel home.

Then, on the bus from Vancouver to Whistler we had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of very drunk, kinda smelly, Norwegians who whistled every time they said Whistler.Ā  They were amusing for the first few minutes, but then I wished they had gone away.

I also learned that jokes don’t translate. One of the guys kept asking us to tell us jokes and he didn’t get any of them, not even knock-knock jokes.

We finally arrived in Whistler, after the bus driver got lost, around 9:30pm. We ate dinner at this delicious greek/mediterian restaurant and walked home. Exhaustion set in, so we’ve decided to get some sleep tonight and make tomorrow really count.

I’ve got a good feeling about this weekend.

Guess what?! Tomorrow morning I’m boarding at Greyhound bus and riding from Ellensburg, WA to Whistler, BC. Even more exciting than that, I’m meeting up with A and Moothor. I can’t wait to spend the weekend AWAY from Ellensburg, hanging out at the Olympics with some of my favorite people. The trip happened to fall at a great point in the quarter because boy do I need a break!

Actually, I think I can use my traveling time to get ahead on my reading. I’ve packed a bunch of books and with over 20 hours of bus time I think I can be super productive.

The one tiny thing I’m worried about is Charlie. This will be the first time he’s been left alone and I’m slightly worried he will go stir-crazy and destroy my apartment. I bought a light timer for him and I’ll leave a lot of food and water… hopefully he’ll just be super excited to see me when I get home.

Regardless, I’m pumped for this weekend. Get prepared for a bunch of pictures!

[This is from my 2007 Whistler trip.]

In other news, this weekend started out a bit rocky but has been steadily getting better. I rocked a presentation on The Cherry Orchard on Thursday. I went to zumba on Tuesday and Thursday, which has become one of my weekly highlights.

Today I went to RiteAid to buy some cosmetics and saved a ton of money! Saving money is fun. Haha. All makeup at RiteAid was on sale for 25% off. Then I had a covergirl buy one get one free coupon AND a $1 off coupon. Plus the neutrogena concealer I wanted was also 40% off. Basically, I purchased mascara, eye shadow and concealer for around $7 and it should have cost me over $20!

Then as I was driving home, my fabulous father texted me to let me know about a winter jacket on sale at Eddie Bauer. When I checked out the sale I realized it was too good to pass up. I’ve been looking to buy another winter jacket since winter arrive… so I bought a goose down jacket for $50!

[I say this very quietly… but I’m feeling a bit cheated out of a real winter. It’s been in the 30s/40s since I returned from winter break. I’d like a little more snow before spring arrives!]

Finally, after class I went to Safeway and bought a bunch of yummy ingredients to make an awesome trail mix. I figured with all the traveling of this weekend, having a snack that will satisfy both sweet cravings and provide protein and fiber, might be a wise idea.

My mix contains:
Kashi Crunch (granola … protein and fiber)
Apple Jacks (some protein and fiber)
Golden Raisins (fruit)
Dried Cranberries (fruit)
Pretzels (salty carbs)
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (sweet)
Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms (protein and sweet)

So good!

Well, I’ve done my laundry, taken care of teaching responsibilities, straightened up my apartment and watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I think it is time for sleep!

If you need a laugh

Well hello Monday!
(I hate Mondays … not because it’s Monday, but because I’m in class/teach class ALL DAY.)

Random: As my hair has grown out, it’s been curling with surprising ease. I thought it’d be appropriate to have my hair be wild, crazy and curly in honor of manic monday… Except when I tried to dry it/style it, it became super frizzy. I was quite disappointed.

ANYWAY… if you need a good laugh, you should watch the video of charlie’s first bath. I watched it again last week and it definitely put a smile on my face.

[Don’t worry, no cats were harmed in the filming of this video… He still loves me and oddly enough, he still loves water.]


Sunday night thoughts:

– I lost one of my favorite running socks while doing laundry Saturday night. Not cool.

– I love my clean apartment. I feel so much better knowing that it is clean from top to bottom.

– I wish it was superbowl Sunday every week. It’s the best time to go to the gym.

– I’m not a fan of grading papers. šŸ™

– I’ve been a coupon maven all weekend long. I love it. It’s sort of like a game… trying to save as much money as I can. I did an excellent job on my weekly groceries and I got a ton of post-it notes for cheap yesterday.

– I have been quite productive this weekend in things relating to my life… but school wise , not so much. Blah. Laundry. Cleaning. Gym x2. Phone calls. Movies. Organizing. Blogging.

– Yesterday I had this crazy craving to go hiking and have a picnic in the North Carolina mountains… like our family used to do over spring break. Hrm. Maybe I’ll satisfy my hiking/walking mojo in Whistler.

– Well.. it’s 8pm on Sunday night. I still need to plan my lesson on Medieval theatre for tomorrow, finish grading exams and read a play and a half. Laaame. Caffeine? Yes, please.

Sanka… you dead?

I promise I’m not dead. Just busy. Busy is a different sense than I was last quarter. Last quarter it was all about adjusting to grad school, thinking and working at that graduate level. This quarter the work isn’t as difficult, there is just A LOT more of it. The biggest consumer of my time is planning and teaching classes. Since my teaching partner and myself are both new at this, each lesson has to be planned and created. Hopefully next quarter we can recycle or tweak our lessons and life will be grand.

Anyway… January in a nutshell:

  • Resolutions:
    1. seattle rock ‘n roll marathon on 6.26
    2. focus on healthy eating and exercise habits
    3. increase my knowledge of religion and grammar
    4. improve my time management skills

The only resolution I’ve been successful with so far is the first one. I guess that’s why you resolve to work on something all year long.

  • Marathon Training!

H and I are training for the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon together… seperately.Ā  She is training in Florida and me in Washington, but we’re checking in with each other and keeping ourselves motivated. So far I’m doing a great job of balancing school/work and excercising. I came to the realization that if I graduate in two years and the only thing I’ve allowed myself to do is school work, then I’m probably going to be pretty fat and miserable. LoL. So I’m making time to go the gym and run, I really look forward to the mental break. It has been so good for me! Plus, A introduced me to Zumba while I was in Nashville and I’ve fallen in love with that too.

The other thing is, I love the mental and physical challenge of marathon training. It is so hard and yet, so rewarding. I love pushing myself to run long distances. Right now I’m only up to 7 miles, but hopefully once daylight savings comes and the weather gets a bit warmer, I’ll be able to run outside for longer distances.

Most of all, I love the race experience. The Nike Women’s Half Marathon experience was incredible. I know that the Rock n Roll series has a reputation for being a great experience. I’m pumped. H and maybe the rest of my family (and some friends) will be flying out here to do the race and visit me just after school finishes.

  • Thesis topic!

Last week my mock thesis topic was approved by my advisor. What does that mean? Well if you remember, I wrote a whole thesis proposal as a trial run in December. My advisor has decided that my topic is both new scholarship and viable, and if I want to pursue the topic as my actual MA thesis topic I can. Now I just need to start doing some indepth research and contacting my sources in LONDON. If I do this topic, there is a good chance that I’ll have to go to London to do my research. šŸ˜€ Weee!

  • Olympics!

As some of you might know, I’ve been planning on going to the 2010 Olympics since 2007 when I first visited Whistler, BC. In January I had a minor freakout when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to work things out… Thankfully, I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and go. I’ll be there for a very short period of time and won’t be seeing any events, but I could not be happier to be there. I’ll be with A and her family for two nights and one and a half days. I figured that this is a once in a lifetime experience and school can just wait while I go.

  • What else?

I’m still very happy with life up here in Eburg. I love my apartment. I love Charlie, the catdog. He’s started to sleep with me at night… well, except the past two night when he’s been a trouble maker. Life is good. šŸ™‚