the end is in sight!

Central is on thanksgiving break right now, which for me really doesn’t feel like a break or thanksgiving. It’s a little weird. All I can think about is winter break, just a mere 15 days away. I’ll be home in 20 days. THAT is when I’ll be free and celebrating!

Last friday I turned in the first draft of my mock thesis project. It turned out a lot better than I expected. Of course I’ll have revisions, but I don’t think it’s too far from the finish product. Monday I forced myself to write this inane book review assignment. Then this upcoming Monday the first draft of my 12-15 page history paper is due. Those are the three major hurtles remaining for this quarter. Once my history paper is in the first draft stage I think I’ll feel much better. The idea of making edits and rewriting a paper is much easier than the idea of starting from square one.

I’m just happy that I can see the end!

Although, I’ve already been given work to do before next quarter starts. We have to read two plays and a reading assignment that goes along with them before our first class of dramaturgy. Oy.

I’ve sorta taken the past two days off. Whoops? I needed a break, I needed to catch up on sleep and get my apartment back in order. I did lots of laundry, I have clean sheets to look forward to tonight. I also vacuumed my apartment, hooray. I did go to the library both yesterday and today, since they will be closed until Saturday. Anyway, yesterday I found some books on Greek mythology and supplemental background information for my essay. Today I printed a bunch of articles and found more books on the current royal family. I think my library book total is up to about 35 now. It’s going to be so much fun bringing all the books back at the end of this quarter. Ugh.

Happy Birthday Hilary!

My little sister turns 18 today! I just wanted to say happy birthday and I am so proud of everything she’s done with her life so far. šŸ™‚ I couldn’t have asked for a better sister or friend. I’m also so thankful that despite the nearly 7 year age gap and growing up with me at college and her at home, that we are as close as we are!

I can’t wait to see you 3 weeks! šŸ™‚

Stay classy Tallahassee… oh wait, this is Ellensburg.

Turkey legs, drunken sorostitutes, boisterous fraternity guys and loud chanting… The atmosphere of a college football game.

Today is the playoff game for CWU’s football team, apparently we have a pretty decent AA team. Lucky for me, I live within walking distance to the stadium which means that the streets are lined with cars, the campus lots are full and a few clever people decided to park in my apartment complex lot.

I spent most of the game at the local coffee shop reading my stupid book review book. Totally unrelated, but I’ve decided that I hate this woman’s book. It has no focus. She attemps to cover three hundred years of hagiography from three different countries, along with the larger theatrical history, social environments and religious history. FOCUS YOURSELF WOMAN!
/ end tangent.

Cut to after the game.

So anyway, I’m back at my apartment and I look outside my window and see this woman (a middle age woman, respectable looking) acting erratic. Almost like a little kid who has to pee, you know, that pee dance kids do? So she walks up to someone’s apartment door and hesitates, thinks about knocking and changes her mind. She walks back into the parking lot and paces a little. Then starts to walk towards another apartment and again changes her mind. After a few more minutes of this, she makes a decision. She walks to the side of the apartment building, goes behind a bush and LITERALLY POPS A SQUAT. WTF.

I watched all of this from my apartment window with a look of absolute horror on my face.

I expect this kind of behavior from wild FSU football people, but not people in Ellensburg.

Gross. Just gross. Ugh.

I would give an arm, leg, and kidney…

I want to go to New York so badly. I NEED to see some New York theatre. As I type this post I’m watching a documentary called: Show Business: Road to Broadway, which chronicles the journey of four Broadway musicals from the 2003-2004 seasons who are competing for the ultimate award, the Tony. It’s making this desire so much worse for me. Since starting grad school and reentering the world of theatre, the need and desire to see more live theatre and a musical is growing.

My last trip to New York was actually during that 2003-2004 season, I was a sophomore in college, still hopelessly obsessed with the musical and didn’t know other types of theatre existed. My perspective has changed so much since then. Now I’m so fascinated by the history, the social aspects, looking at who the shows are marketed to, what messages they send, what the season as a whole says about the theatrical enviornment, and the critical responses.

I have to be honest, I’ve never seen a straight play when in New York. I have only seen musicals. I think that’s such a shame. I would love to go back see a couple musicals, but I’d also love to see a straight play, a de la guarda show, or even Blue Man Group. There’s so much to see!

While I’m dreaming… can I go to London? See some British theatre. What about Italy? Greece?! I want to travel the world seeing theatre.

le sigh.

facebook stages an intervention.

My sister notified me today that facebook is apparently deeply concerned about my recent lack of interaction with friends. Facebook suggested that she write on my wall and try to reconnect with me. And apparently my sister’s not the only person that facebook has reached out to on my behalf.

Thanks facebook, way to be creepy. Hah. I’ll be back in less than a month, so no worries. I’ll reconnect with everyone then.

It is sort of weird not being on fb. My friends, even my mom, reference things that are going on that I’m missing since I’m not constantly checking my newsfeed. I have to ask A and C to fill me in on what I’ve missed. It’s quite funny. Although it does say a lot about how we as a society communicate today. I see fb as a great medium for communication. I believe that if it wasn’t around I wouldn’t take the time or effort to keep in touch with half the people I communicate with through fb and vice versa. That being said, I do notice that since I started my fb sabbatical I waste less time on the computer. So mission accomplished?

I’m still very worried about getting all of my different projects completed in the next month, but things seem to be falling into place. On Monday I submitted my mock thesis topic to the professor, fearing the response I’d get back and instead she said “Super! Run with it!” She’s really not the type of person to give false praise or reassurance, so I trust that I settled on a solid topic.

Yesterday the College of Arts and Humanities presented a lecture called: The Kaleidoscope as Method: A Feminist Approach to Analyzing Opera. I wrote it down in my planner last week, but that was before the crush of work that I realized is due this week. I decided to go even though it meant I might end up behind in my work schedule. Thankfully, it was totally worth it! Oh my goodness! So many of the points that the lecturer covered related directly to my mock thesis topic. She also provided wonderful insight into using feminist theories to analyze opera and theatre, and presented a great methodology to structure my thesis. It was definitely worth the two hours of my Tuesday!

Today I received my feedback on my annotated bibliography and again, I am on the right track. There were no errors in content or form, instead the instructor just made general comments to help me take this paper to the next step. She also gave my feedback in front of the class, which normally I’d be annoyed about but obviously it was positive so I’m okay with it. I like praise. Haha. During class itself, I did my final history presentation and again the instructor said that I brought in great materials. Hooray!

I hope this streak of luck continues because I am very concerned with the actual writing process of the three final big assignments for my classes.

For all my SPHS friends:

It’s homecoming week right now at SPHS. As I was looking through H’s pictures from the various dress up days I found one of her classmates dressed up as a former teach of ours. Look at the picture and see if you can figure out who she is supposed to be dressed as.



H is dressed as Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and her friend is…. Mr. Walsh!!! This girl has an inexplicable obsession with him. I really wanted to know what he thought of her choice and what the other faculty thought about it, but H had no details for me. Sadness.

Anyway, I thought any SPHS alumni might get a kick out of this. šŸ™‚


It SNOWED today!

Holy crap.

Seriously it was the most magical, beautiful sight ever!

This morning as I was going to my meeting it baby snowed – little tiny flakes, barely noticeable. Then about an hour later as I walked on campus it snowed for real! It only lasted about 20 minutes, but it was real, honest to goodness snow. I called mom so I could share my extreme excitement over experiencing my first snow fall!

Well, this afternoon it returned to a bright and sunny state. I laid down to meditate and about 15 minutes into my meditation one of my classmates texted me that it was snowing. I looked outside and there was CRAZY INSANE SNOW! The wind was roaring, which meant the snow was blowing all over the place.

Ellensburg is officially covered in white. Ahh! I love it. šŸ™‚


next quarter :)

Earlier this week I had my advising meeting for next quarter. I’m pretty excited about my upcoming classes. I’m also a little worried about my own class workload (14 credits!) and teaching two classes. I suppose I’ll figure it out as I go.

So these are the classes that I’ll be taking:

Dramatic Literature – It’s a survey course. One of the grad students who’s in the production masters program took it over the summer and said it was heavy on analysis and criticism. But we have a class called analysis and criticism that we take spring quarter, so I’m not sure what we will be doing. Regardless, I’m excited, although I am a bit intimidated by the instructor. She seems tough, but also fun.

Dramaturgy – [Dramaturges do historical research on the plays, the social context, the playwright and present the information to the designers, directors and actors. They also sometimes do lobby displays, organize talk backs or other eudicational audience outreach. There’s actually a whole slew of other things a dramaturge can do, but this is the general idea.] This is the class I’m looking forward to most. I don’t know exactly how dramaturgy works, but it’s the historical/analytical bridge between the production side of theatre and the academic side. I sort of miss the production aspects of theatre, so if I end up really liking dramaturgy, then I can work on some of the production here at Central. The program coordinator said that one of the playwrighting/children’s literature instructors will teach the first half, the contemporary areas of dramaturgy. Then the second half of the quarter the program coordinator will teach the historical aspects. Plus, there will be lots of special guest artists and a chance to assist in the dramaturgical process for shows this quarter. Also, this will look great on my CV and being able to say that I have dramaturgical experience will be great for my PhD applications.

Theatre History – We’re covering from the Renaissance to modernism. Hooray Shakespeare, naturalism, realism and more!

and finally:

Pedagogy – Apparently we aren’t going to meet very often, but it’s on our schedules in case we do need to meet and discuss classroom issues, or whatever else.

Then I’m team-teaching a section of Intro to Theatre and Theatre Appreciate and Film.


it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Bring on the peppermint mochas and mint m&ms! I look forward to this time of the year specifically for those delicious and elusive mint m&ms. Thankfully I found some at Rite Aid when I picked up my prescription. Hooray!

I desperately need to write up an entry about my advising meeting, classes for next quarter and my moment of self-doubt about grad school. Instead I’m going to make this a brief picture filled post, since I’m currently up to my elbows in books on Euripides, Seneca, Racine and Sarah Kane for my history annotated bibliography.

I feel in love with a new coffee shop today. Starbucks is no longer the object of my desires. D&M coffee has cheaper prices (yay! I’m a starving student), delicious food, free internet and a cute coffee shop atmosphere. I also think that if I end up spending time there, I’ll meet people a little easier than at Starbucks where I’ve noticed people keep to themselves. Independent coffee shops have a more friendly, social environment.

IMG_0696 IMG_0699

IMG_0701 IMG_0698

I’m feeling MUCH better about my history paper. I talked to my professor yesterday and today I outlined my paper and have about half the annotated bibliography done. I also decided that it was important that I go to the gym, so I went running both Sunday and today. Depending on my work progress tomorrow, maybe I’ll go after my graduate council meeting. Oddly enough my main reason for wanting to get to the gym was so that I could listen to This American Life podcasts. I suppose as long as I have interesting TALs to listen to, I’ll be motivated to go to the gym. šŸ™‚

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow night I can write about my classes for next quarter, which are super exciting, as well as the classes I’m teaching!

a moment of panic.

I’m sitting in my car, after just seeing my first CWU theatre production, and I notice that the windshield has patches of condensation, maybe ice on it. I turn the car on and not thinking anything of it, spray my windshield with fluid and run my wipers. Oh. Crap. I totally could have driven home with things the way there were, but noo I decided to try and make the condensation go away. It turns out it was ICE on the windshield, not just condensation, and when I added water and wipers I ended up covering the whole windshield in ice.Ā  Awesome.

I panicked for a few moments, trying to decide what to do, because now I couldn’t see out of the windshield at all. Then I turned the defroster (by the way, the name — defroster — suddenly makes a LOT more sense) on full blast and sat and waited. Luckily after a few more moments the ice had chunked away thanks to the defrosters and repeated windshield action, and I could see! Hallelujah!

I’m just… confused. Why didn’t anyone else in the parking lot have the same issue leaving that I did? What was I supposed to do? What if the whole windshield had been covered in ice? I left my $.25 ice scraper at home, although I guess I should move it to my car, after tonight. I seriously pondered walking home, just for a second, but the thought crossed my mind. THAT is how winter deficient I am.


I found out today that you can apparently check out up to 100 books from the library. That’s good information to know since I feel like I’m slowly moving the library to my apartment.


I walked home from the library with nine of those books in my arms, it was pretty fantastic. Not. The good news is that I found books to use for my history paper, so hopefully I’ll make some serious progress on that project and some of my stress will wash away.

The start of the weekend always feels of promise, motivation, productivity, accomplishment… Let’s hope I can keep these feelings till the end of the weekend, I have so much I need to do.