Flying to Seattle.

Tomorrow morning I’m waking up before the sun and heading to the airport. Mom and I are flying to Seattle/Ellensburg to look at the apartment, take care of some paperwork and check out Washington. I’m nervous. It hasn’t hit me yet. It feels unreal. It feels surreal. I’m not sure when it’s all going to hit me, but I sure hope the big wave of emotions doesn’t overload me when it finally does come.

This weekend I finally did get all my belongings packed. We also started loading my car, which I’d say is 60% packed as of right now. Dad bought a roof topper/bag thing, which I’m going to put my desk top and the majority of my clothes up there. Then in my actual car, we have my bookshelf, desk frame, books, shoes, and all my other stuff. Plus of course, Charlie, his litter box, basket and our clothes and such for traveling. It’s going to be tight, but I have faith.

I’m waking up at 5am, so it’s sleep for me now. We have a two hour layover in Nashville and then probably down time in the evenings. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and update the blog.

Productivity, Oh my!

Let’s see here. It’s Friday, I’ve been unemployed for five days now and my room/belongings still have yet to be packed. All that aside, I have had a productive week.

  • Tuesday I submitted an application for my apartment and found out yesterday that it was approved. I now have any address and a place to live in Ellensburg, barring that it’s safe and clean looking when I get out there. I also arranged it so that I can stay in the apartment our first night in E’burg and will pick up the keys from the manager after hours. How nice of them!
  • Tuesday I also faxed a request to the doctor for my medical records, which I can pick up anytime today. Hooray for having all my records with me.
  • Wednesday was the big Ikea trip. I came home and created a shopping list on the Ikea website and figured out a budget, so that our next trip will be more efficient than the last.
  • We also tweaked the roadtrip itinerary. The plan as of right now: Sunday, the 6th, drive to North Carolina. Spend the first night at our house (free!!!). Monday, labor day, we’ll drive to Nashville, which should only be a 4-5 hour drive. Get there in time for lunch at Which wich?, explore Nashville a bit and hang out at the S—haus and spend the night (free!!!). Tuesday, we’ll wake up at a decent time and drive to Kansas City, where we have another free!!! place to stay. After that, our plans are a bit up in the air, but it’s looking like driving from Kansas City to just north of Denver for Wednesday night, then staying someplace in Montana (?) Thursday night… and hopefully get to E’Burg on Friday by 7ish?
  • Wednesday I also got my car fixed, so now instead of a scary growling sound, it makes a sexy purr when you turn it on. I love my car again. I also got an oil change and had the brakes checked. My car got the A-Ok for my 3000 mile roadtrip.
  • Thursday, yesterday, I spent the whole day packing, cleaning and organizing. There is nothing under my bed anymore. Everything that was in my closet has been cleaned out and now things I’m keeping here have been moved into it. My desk drawers and cabinets also got cleaned out… So now today I need to tackle clothes and vanity.

I’m definitely making progress. Slow and steady, but progress nonetheless. My mom keeps reminding me that today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, and the next day is Sunday…. which means that Monday is fly to Seattle day. THEREFORE, I need to be completely packed and ready to go in THREE DAYS! Yikes. I can do it.

Ikea Madness!

On Wednesday mom and I went to Ikea on a reconnaissance mission and man, oh man, Ikea is overwhelming! I’m thankful that this wasn’t my first trip to Ikea because I think my head might have exploded. Instead I already know my way around and how the whole process works, which is always a good thing when entering the behemoth Ikea.

Anyway, I’m planning on furnishing my new apartment with Ikea furniture because a) I’m bringing all my worldly belongings in my car and just my car, only essential clothes, books, linens will fit, therefore no furniture is coming with me and b) I’m cheap and broke and Ikea is cheap. I know that Ikea stuff isn’t going to last forever or become family heirlooms, but I’m planning on moving again in two years, so at the least it needs to last two years, which I’m sure it will.

So armed with a vague idea of all the pieces of furniture needed to furnish an apartment and my iphone camera, we wandered through Ikea planning out what we’ll end up buying on the REAL Ikea shopping trip once we get to Seattle. My idea was perfect. As we walked through and saw things that looked good, I’d take a picture of the furniture piece and then a picture of the price tag. Now I have a visual record of our shopping trip. It was a brilliant idea on my part. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now for the picture show!

This little gem is only $7.99! I’m planning on using one as an end table, probably pushing two together for a coffee table and I think maybe put one in my bedroom as a bedside table. Seriously. $8.00, you can’t beat that! They come in a few different colors, so I’ll mix things up with different color choices.


I found two backup couch options. This one and another I didn’t take a picture of, both of which are futons, therefore someone could sleep on it when people come to visit. I still think I like the target one better, and it’s cheaper… but whether or not target has it in stock when I’ll need it, is up in the air.


Ikea also has these spiffy laptop tables. I tend to prefer working from a comfy chair with my book or laptop in my lap, so my goal is to set up a chair, have this laptop table and maybe a side table to create a work station.


I also do want a traditional desk, just to spread my stuff on and have a desk set up. Maybe since my office will be separate from my bedroom, I won’t be as tempted to fall asleep. I found this desk which I really like. You can also put a glass top on it, and I’d like to put pictures underneath it, maybe a calender?


I really like that picture of my mom.

We found a bunch of other stuff to, like a table and four chairs for $100, a bed and mattress, bookshelves, tv stand, etc. I think I’ll be able to furnish my apartment at a reasonable price. Ikea also has dishes, kitchen stuff, curtains, bath mats, you know, the works. Dad and I are going to be doing a lot of assembling the first couple days in Washington. Fun!



As of last Friday I no longer work at the bank, or any bank for that matter. It’s a weird feeling. I’m not sad nor do I miss it. Although I do miss a few of the people, not everyone, just a few. ๐Ÿ™‚ My boss (who I wasn’t a fan of) tried to convince me that come Monday morning, I’d be sad about not having to come into work. Yeah right! I don’t feel any sadness or loss. It’s weird, it’s like those two years never happened. Working at the bank was always an out of body experience. It never felt right and I couldn’t see myself doing it. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but when I tried to picture myself working in a bank, I couldn’t. I mean, obviously, I did work there for two years, but it didn’t and doesn’t fit into who I am or how I see myself.

Today I called HR to check on my final paycheck amount and boy what a hassle! They already removed me from the HR system, which I understand but think is stupid. Now I have no access to any of my old paycheck stubs or the ability to change any contact information and duh, I’m moving. Awesome. At least if they mail stuff, like my W2, to this address, my parents can forward it to me. Anyway, I also changed my accounts to free accounts (otherwise, they were going to charge me services fees without telling me. Not cool.) and found out my final paycheck amount, which will be deposited on Monday. Hooray voluntary unemployment!

Then on the opposite side of the emotional spectrum, Sunday/Monday was my last day at the theatre. I’m actually really sad to be done. I’ve met some awesome people over the past nine months. I made friends my own age and got to explore St. Pete and go places I never would have discovered on my own. I also worked on some awesome shows, ranging in a variety of styles. King Hedley II, part of August Wilson’s century cycle. Lysistrata, a new adaptation. Altar Boyz in the Park. Tuesdays with Morrie in the new theatre and Doubt. All unique, all offered me new learning experiences. I have to say that Altar Boyz was my favorite production to work on, mainly because the whole experience was so positive. The cast and crew were awesome, we all got along, hung out together, had fun. The show was a blast! I never got tired of seeing/hearing it every night… and most of all, Park means a lot to me. I grew up going to Shakespeare in the Park and to be a part of the park experience, but from the other side meant the world to me.

Doubt was my favorite show, content wise. I find the show fascinating. There are so many ways to interpret the story, from the obvious, “Is he or Isn’t he?” debate, to the idea of convicting someone or making a decision/judgment based on thoughts or feelings. Plus, I love that Shanley never says whether or not Flynn is guilty. It’s left up to the production, actor and audience to decide for themselves. Plus, I had the chance to be a paid member of the crew. So it was cool to go from being an intern at the theatre to an official crew member.

Anyway, working at the theatre not only taught me how a professional theatre works and gave me production experience (which I lacked), but it also reaffirmed that the theatre is where I am meant to spend my life. I am so thankful to everyone there for providing me with the opportunities that I had. I really am going to miss being there and working on shows.

Monday, I helped out with an AIDS benefit, Die Mommie Die. It was a staged reading by the Suncoast AIDS Theatre Project to benefit Metro Charities. It was a roaring success! We actually sold out and had people sitting on stage, plus, with the help of the actors, raised a bunch of money for the 50/50! Yay! Here’s a picture of me and a couple of the actors.


I know that my life in Washington and my theatre experiences will just keep getting better and better. So while I’m sad to move on, I know that good stuff is on my horizon!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Lessons in credit.

Did you know that if you spend more than half your credit it appears negatively on your credit report? It doesn’t necessarily HURT you, but it’s not a good thing. For instance, if you have a $5000 card limit, you shouldn’t use more than $2500 of it. I suppose the reasoning is that, if you’re using up all your credit limit, why would a lender want to loan you MORE credit, where you’ll max it out as well and thus potentially have problems making payments.

I don’t fully understand, but I found this out today from one of the financial specialists.

Today I visited the credit union in hopes of getting an emergency credit card. I want one to help cover some of my moving expenses till I get my financial situation taken care of in Washington (I’d pay off all charges as soon as financial aid came in), but primarily, so that I have money in case of emergency, i.e., a plane ticket home or car repairs. I didn’t think that I’d have any issue getting a small credit card from the credit union. I’ve been banking since I was 19. I’ve had a credit card since 19 and have always paid it off at the end of the month. I paid off my car loan completely and never missed a payment the whole time. I am a responsible upstanding citizen who works hards and takes care of my debts and responsibilities. I see no reason why I shouldn’t get a credit card… except they won’t approve my loan. Since I’m quitting my job of two years and moving to Washington to become a graduate student, I no longer have six months proof of consistent income. Without that proof of income, they won’t even look at my application. Screw the fact that I have good credit. Screw my past track record. Nothing. Nada. The most I can have is my college credit card of $500, and they give those to anyone. Awesome.

I’m pretty sure I had daggers shooting out of my eyes. I was SO ANGRY. I wanted to punch the lady in the face. It’s all a freakin’ game. Had I gone to the credit union a couple months ago, I probably would have had no problem getting approved…. But now — now I have a problem.

I hate the financial world SO SO VERY MUCH.

In other news, I went to Target to look at the sofa bed/futon thing and it’s nice for the price… I’m pretty sure I’ll end up buying it. I also solved the whole issue of how do I get it to Washington/I want to pay the sale price, which expires at the end of the week. Muhahaha! They issued me a rain check, for a product that was in stock. Now I can take my rain check to the Yakima or Seattle Target and purchase my sofa bed. Woot!

I also made an appointment to get my motor mounts fixed, my oil changed and look at my brakes before the big car trip.

I’m making progress!

Apartment Progress.

My first trip to Washington is fast approaching, which has me thinking about apartment dilemmas. I’ve been messaging one of my classmates and she told me about another complex that she found. It has one bedrooms and is pet friendly. I looked into it a bit, but decided that I like the place I’ve been looking at a little more. The place I’m looking at is a two bedroom, which means I’ll make myself an office/spare bedroom. I’m about a 15 minute walk to campus… and the fees are a bit cheaper than the other place.

Anyway, for convenience, I’m pretty much planning on liking this apartment complex and not doing any more searching when I get to Ellensburg. I’ll sign a lease and take care of other errands on the trip instead. So, today I called to double check that I’ve still got an apartment being reserved. Which I do. A 2nd floor apartment, yay! I found out that I can do the application now, get approved for the apartment, which will expedite the whole process. The girl in the front office has been awesome. She’s the person I’ve spoken with each time, she’s been super helpful and flexible and just gives me a great feeling. I also don’t have to pay Charlie’s pet deposit till my second and third month’s rent. I found out when rent is due, which will work out with my tuition disbursement. Basically, I think I know where I’m living and that big stress is off my shoulders. yay!

Target also has a basic couch/futon/sleeper for sale this month… it’s $99. It’s probably not the best quality or the most comfortable…. but it’s cheap and I’m poor. I figure it would be nice to have a place for people to sleep when they visit and it looks nice. I’m going to Target tomorrow to check it out and if I like it, I need to figure out how to buy it for the sale price but not pick it up till I get to Washington. That should be an interesting situation to figure out.

A Verb.

Early morning text messages from a friend:

I think we should use Kate as the noun form and use Katie as the verb from now on.

Katie: (verb) used to explain various acts, such as striving for perfection, running into a glass door, or doingย  something crazy like moving to Washington.

* * *

๐Ÿ™‚ I have silly (but awesome ) friends.

What are the odds?

Last night I went to a party at a couple of my theatre friends place. I only knew the hostess’, so I was making conversation with other people. Since we all are into theatre, it’s a good place to start conversation. Also, theatre people are typically of likeminded-ness and our personalities mesh together. Anyway, somehow the topic of schools came up and this guy says that he went to UWF. Well, I only know one person who went to UWF. And you know how you always say to someone, “Oh! I know so-and-so!” and the person never knows them, but you do this EVERYTIME you meet someone from a place you might have friends also, thinking they might know each other. Okay. So my point is, I say the name of one of my high school friends and what are the odds this guy was NEIGHBORS with him! So freakin’ weird. It’s a small world.

In other news, I’m madly in love with Jason Mraz… and also trying to cultivate my passion for yoga… and what’s greater than mixing sexy Jason Mraz and yoga? Nothing. Enjoy!


Reading till my head explodes.

In the past week or two I’ve read:

  • Hamlet
  • Othello
  • Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  • A Doll’s House
  • And chapters from my theatre history text books.

I think my head is going to explode with all the information and character stories that are swimming around in my mind. BUT I love it! I’m really loving reading all these plays and even find it fun to read textbooks. I’m trying to cram as much information and call to the surface as much theatre history as I possibly can before school starts. Between work, the trip to Ellensburg, and THE roadtrip, I think I’ll have plenty of time to get through lots of books. I’m actually surprised that I’m having fun reading Shakespeare. I know, I know. In the past, I’ve felt a bit like reading Shakespeare was a chore, but not this time. I really want to read MacBeth next, but I figure that bringing the Scottish play to the theatre is a BAD idea. That one will have to wait till another time. I also want to get A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Taming of the Shrew, maybe A Comedy of Errors… and some other of his classics. Plus, I have a long list of plays to read.

I’m just trying to figure out a way to keep all of these characters, stories, and history straight in my head. That’s my only fear… that I do all this reading and nothing stays. Ack!

I also have 3 (or 4) fun books that I want to read, but will probably wait till the road trip.

  • Best Friends Forever – Jennifer Weiner
  • The Time Travelers Wife – by someone I can’t remember.
  • The Sookie Stackhouse Series…
  • And I want to reread Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone… and maybe the others.

I just feel like I need to get my head in the game and as much as I’d love to read fun, fluffy stuff… it’s probably more beneficial to read school stuff now and save fun stuff till I need a break from school.