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Home Depot, Sweet, Home Depot

Another day, another trip to Home Depot.


Actually, it was another day of unpacking, iced coffee, and reading.

Don’t be fooled by the Starbucks cup in the picture below. It’s really filled with delicious iced coffee from my new (borrowed) french press.


As per the directions I found online, I brewed the coffee in cold water and let it steep (does coffee steep?) overnight.

You know how coffee smells one way, but tastes another? Well, my cold brewed coffee tasted the way coffee smells. So good.


I took my coffee outside and read a little.

In an effort to improve my time management skills I set my phone alarm for an hour of outside reading before I headed inside to unpack.

SAM_6083 SAM_6084 SAM_6085

Today I managed to get all my clothes completely put away! I also put away most of my linens and shoes, so my room is 90% unpacked.




You can see my bed, what an improvement!

Also, do you like the tie back curtain look? I did it on a whim when I found the green ribbon.


This afternoon I ran some errands to get stuff to fix my curtains and paint my oven drawer.

This is the rusty before picture.


Here it is all painted, but not dry…


Tomorrow I’ll have the after picture.

I moved all the boxes of books upstairs and now my living room looks clean and finished.


See the futon? Well, it works downstairs, but I still want to find a comfy couch and move the futon upstairs. My office really needs some furniture besides my desk.

What about the space underneath the window, see that? I want to put some cubes or a low bookshelf there to hold games, dvds, and fun books.


Sadly, the kitchen and “dining” areas are still a mess, but that is tomorrow’s project.


Either way, my house is really starting to feel like my house. Last week it didn’t feel like mine, but this week it does. I love it!

Finally, I thought I had grand plans to perform some stitch witchery on my curtains tonight, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.


I want to curl up in my chair and read some Harry Potter.


Majority Rules

Happy Monday, everyone!

After a fun-filled weekend, today was very boring. I read at Starbucks, ran some errands, and did some final painting before the carpet is installed tomorrow.

This morning my sister sent me a Lowe’s gift card, since we didn’t have time to go pick up the adirondack chair that I wanted.

Picture 1

The fact that I was stoked to receive a Lowe’s gift card make me laugh, because the me-of-a-year-ago would have scoffed at the me-of-today. It’s so funny how people can grow and their interests can change so quickly.

I went to the post office to pick up this form. Hopefully I won’t receive any more mail that doesn’t belong to me.


I also scheduled my U-Box to be delivered on Wednesday morning. I had the option of picking it up on Tuesday, but that would have required me (or my dad) to drive a U-Haul truck and a trailer, so I voted no. I’ll gladly let U-Haul deliver the box to my door for $55, thank you very much.


It appears that everyone has voted and the majority rules. The door is a no-go. I’m a little sad, I liked the splash of color, but today I repainted it back to plain white.



I touched up a couple of other areas that needed more white paint, then moved onto the pantry doors.

It’ll need a few coats, but look at the difference the white paint made!



I’m going to bed early tonight.

In theory, I’m going to go for a run tomorrow morning, then I’ll clean up the house so the carpeted areas are clear, and by the afternoon I’ll have new, clean carpet!